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Late Spring in Spy Garden

Very mysterious morning.

LILACS EVERYWHERE!!! The fragrance is divine!


The two pictures above were taken during a surf lesson at Corner’s Surf  in Old Orchard Beach! I stood up twice! Very fun but I like it when the waves are small(ish); during the lesson some of the waves seemed huge (and scary! haha!)! One of my favorite things is to just float/paddle around on the surf board: very relaxing. We have already amassed quite a bit of gear but an SUP would definitely be really fun around here too. If you are ever in OOB definitely consider a (FREE!!) surf lesson at Corner’s; they are awesome!

Ahhh the sea. Looks like a perfect place for a swim? How about a 2.4 mile swim?

The Peaks to Portland Swim to Benefit Kids is one of the oldest open water swims in the US! It begins at Peaks Island and ends at East End Beach in Portland; and I qualified! Yay! So excited to be a part of this cause!

Your donation will help more [southern Maine!] kids to participate in YMCA summer camps, swim lessons, and classes like tumbling, dance, karate, forest exploration, art, and more!

Last year, the YMCA of Southern Maine served nearly 10,000 children and provided more than $1.2 million in financial assistance and program support, ensuring children and teens in our community had the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. The money raised during the Peaks to Portland is a big part of that.

CLICK HERE!!!! to visit my donor page if you are interested in supporting me in this big swim so that more southern Maine kids can have opportunities to get moving and engage with their community + world!!

Passions for MOVEMENT, the ARTS, and the great OUTDOORS are the reasons why I serve others in their path to health as a nurse practitioner. I named my primary care practice Atlantic Family Health because I find the Atlantic ocean to be such a wonderful source of creative inspiration for health!! I am so excited to to support this wonderful cause and help promote the health of southern Maine!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my donor page and for any amount you can give; it is so appreciated!

Very tropical looking! And the vegetable garden is growing too!


She is a Maine coon. Maine coons are a more hypoallergenic breed, they are indoor/outdoor great hunters of mice, cuddly, fun and smart: and we are sooooooo excited to have a kitten she is ADORABLE!! It is the first cat I’ve ever had (since I was always prone to allergies) but haven’t had any issues! We did however give Freya back to the bunny farm; she just didn’t seem happy and we thought she missed frolicking with the other bunnies. We see her owner regularly and get updates and pictures; Freya looks really happy to be back at Holland Heart Rabbitry. If we built an outside pen/area (Freya was an indoor bunny!) then we would consider getting bunnies again, but for now we are definitely enjoying this kitty/glad Freya is happy. <3

Summer nights are nearly here! In Maine you can definitely tell it is still spring; still a dozen days until it is officially summer; we are soaking up every minute of the chilly mornings, warm days and cool evenings; it is divine! Happy Monday all and thank you for visiting!

Click Here to Donate to Peaks to Portland Swim to Benefit Kids!

Late May 2019

 I spy a garden! So thrilled to have a little Maine garden started <3

Horse friends are the best!

We got Freya (our bunny) from this awesome woman (who until recently moving back to Maine was leading trips on horseback in the backcountry of Yellowstone!!) She is awesome! If you are in Maine and in need a Holland Lop or lionhead rabbit (and really who DOESN’T need a bunny?:) she is your GO TO (or just check out her site to swoon over baby bunny photos)!

Holland Heart Rabbitry

Uncle Ken visiting for the holiday weekend!

Aerial yoga; our new favorite!
Hope you all are having a nice holiday weekend!

Spring is in full swing here in southern Maine!

:) Evelyn

Healthcare for Generation Z

I googled if I was a millennial and as it turns out, I am (born in 1982)! Ergo, I’m going to have to get more fluent in social media. And finally stop using a paper calendar (maybe)!

In order to move healthcare forward into the 20’s, 30’s and beyond, I want to create a forward-thinking patient experience at (my new biz) Atlantic Family Health. I’ve been thinking a lot about what Generation Z (a quarter of the US population!) will be looking for in healthcare.

My guess is TONS of information; people are increasingly VERY informed health consumers. I am seeing (in Maine) many people who are well-versed in a variety of health topics. People are getting their health and wellness needs met WITHOUT a family doctor guiding them; think: yoga, reiki, coaching, nutritionists, counselors, chiropractic care…I’m drawn to collaborating with wellness-focused businesses because these services can be so beneficial to health!

Primary care should be a positive self-care service like having a facial or getting a massage! Many people spend lots of time and energy on improving their health through things like supplements, essential oils, acupuncture, massage, recreational activities… but people do not necessarily see these services as related to the guidance of their family doctor. Many doctors actually scoff at patients engaging in the wellness industry! EVEN if the patient tells them X, Y or Z seems to be greatly improving their health!!

Do you think there is a disconnect between the wellness industry and the typical/traditional primary care/family doctor?

Generation Z (and Millennials) are more skeptical of the medical establishment. If a doctor scoffs at a patient’s health beliefs/desires/behaviors (especially those outside the realm of pharmacological treatment), or can’t answer questions about non-medication based alternatives, the patient is more likely to lose respect for that doctor and proceed with their own path to health! Long waiting room times, scheduling by phone, and 9-5, M-F hours for a doctor’s offices are passé.

Using social media to promote a business is very new to me. I met with Holly Martzial, of Mindwell Marketing and am so excited about her advice to pare down my rhetoric to market my business effectively. For one thing, she’d probably tell me not to use syntax like “pare down my rhetoric” on social media. Ha! Brevity is king when it comes to social media. Bright colors and 2-5 words are a better guarantee people will look at your advertising than very long-winded explanations of health theories. I tend towards rambling/long-winded musings over short punchy copy so meeting with Martzial was a wise decision! It was an invigorating–but also calming–meeting, given Martzial is a very talented yoga instructor. She writes,

“I want to travel everywhere, live in ten different places at once, I have 100 different career paths I want to take, you get my drift… Yoga has taught me how to be present. It has taught me to be grateful for the here and the now. It has taught me to sit still. It has taught me that when things are challenging, rather than run away on to the next, stay, breathe, and learn.”

She is writing in relation to yoga, but this approach is perfect for marketing. I tend to cast a wide net: Surfing? Raising chickens? Wildlife photography? Sign me up! While it is great to have diverse interests and being open to trying new things, when it comes to growing a business the mission needs to be targeted and clear. And when marketing your business, casting a wide net—e.g. “I can help anyone improve their health!”—may actually be disadvantageous. Creating messages that are more personalized; (e.g. “I can help your teen struggling with anxiety with a non-medication based approach.”) makes it more likely that people will engage. This tactic makes perfect sense in the context of healthcare, where treatment should always be individualized!

Martzial has a clever knack for asking the questions EVERYONE will ask you about your business. She compelled me to identify my mission, beliefs and target audience in a way that is accessible to modern health consumers.

After meeting Martzial I felt so much more focused and at ease about my marketing/branding efforts. I also revamped my website to include online booking, and people can call AND text with questions/to schedule appointments (or send an email or even send messages through social media!). A business should have MULTIPLE ways for people to engage!

Martzial’s advice is so clear cut with easy to implement tips and tricks. Here is an excerpt from her Instagram:

Is your content building connections?

Is your network growing? Not just digitally, but also in real life?

If you are interested in building your business locally, think about using your platforms to make meaningful connections.

a few examples:

      • connect with a target client or like-minded business on Instagram, then send a DM and ask to meet for coffee
      • be social on social media: leave relevant comments + start two way conversations
      • plan an in-person event and use your platforms to spread the word
      • share real + relatable content, then connect individually with the people who engage

I have tried all of her tips and have been meeting so many awesome people/businesses in the Portland area. Even if you are not running a business, her guidance is also applicable for maintaining digital health; one aspect of which is using technology to enhance/make connections with people (in person).

I have this exciting opportunity to grow the ideal family health practice. I know this content is a bit off-topic for Spy Garden, but any feedback you have on these subjects is welcomed!

What changes do you anticipate in the future of healthcare?

And also, I’ll repeat the other question I posed earlier: What do you think about the relationship between the wellness industry and the typical/traditional primary care doctor?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me!