Summer Sights

Cotton blossom

Young raccoon

Sunflowers and zinnias

Velvety black butterfly

Zinnias (and weeds!)


I don’t remember what type of flowers these are but they are cute:

What a keeper!

We picked this pumpkin 10.31.16 and it has been sitting on our countertop since!!! We finally cut it open. We gave it to the bunnies and chickens for a special treat.


A coyote recently also got a special treat: Cleo, Buffy, and Specky. No more free range chickens without supervision!


She watches many brutal nature documentaries on a regular basis so is not too traumatized by the chicken massacre.

She misses Specky the most, she was her favorite.

On the trail

Trail II

Cotton plant

Last day at Forest School

With Nana

Babyzilla has been enjoying loads of attention while her brother is away at summer camp. He has been having fun, from what we’ve heard in letter and the pictures posted on the camp site:


Lots of tribal competitions (woooo Seminoles!)

Getting in a little football

Also rock climbing, canoeing, wrestling, trips to cool waterfalls/swimming holes and more: camp is the best. We are excited to go pick him up this week though because we miss him; he’s been gone a month!

Back to school very soon!

Summer Miscellany

Staying cool at forest school

Red, white, blue

Better late than never with the red, white and blue!

Watching fireworks on the 4th



In Onondaga Cave

The one rock you are allowed to touch in the cave

These drip down and form…


Cave Ceiling

This was the coolest “room” of the cave

Onondaga cave is just as impressive as Meramec Caverns and as a bonus it is within a state park so there are other things to do there.

Such as go for a swim in the Meramec River!

There were tons of these along the river’s edge

Back in the garden, things are pretty neglected right now (it is so hot! and soooo much school work!) but there are still a few nice sights and things.


Dill and in the background is a flower called “candytuft”

Garlic (one bulb harvested anyways); this one with the root bit torn off when I dug it up)

Zinnias of all different colors are popping up

This hardy hibiscus is right in the center of the garden

Dragon’s Eggs (cucumbers)

I must be on to something, right?! ahaha

Scorched love in a mist seed pods

Chicken snack!

The butterflies mob the mimosa trees all day

Most of the sunflowers are quite short

Happy summer!

Roadtrip! Hawaii!


Not quite. A roadtrip to Iowa for a baseball tournament in late June. She kept saying “when will we be in Hawaii?” Iowa, Hawaii…I guess its the vowels and W’s.

Baseball boy

Sand volleyball court next to the fields (not a Hawaiian beach)

Sandy toes


Baseball dads

Burlington, IA

Mississippi River (not the Pacific)

This town had a VIDEO STORE!!! haha

Hideous building, but the sign’s kind of cool looking

This statue of liberty has had a rough go of it.

Riverside auditorium



And that’s the end of baseball season!