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Birthday Mermaid!

We went straight to the beach the morning of her birthday and she was surprised with not one but two mermaid tails!!

Mermaid scales painting by the birthday girl

She ran into a few friends at the beach and they got to try out the pink tail.

Baby on theme with his Flock of Seagulls hair hahaha

Getting a Stephen King vibe from this seagull

In the afternoon more family arrived and we enjoyed…


Vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and homemade buttercream icing. The decorations are Ghirardelli white chocolates that we made…

…plus a few fondant sea creatures. There are also homemade sugar cookies on there as well. The top two tiers are actually rice krispie treats. Cake inspiration from the ocean (obviously) and also Mako Mermaids (show on Netflix) and also from watching those dessert competition shows (especially Zumbo’s Just Desserts!) !

This moon mobile she got has a very Mako Mermaid vibe!!

The birthday fun continued into the evening with a trip to Old Orchard Beach!

(By day)

Β And night!

Best birthday ever!

Early Spring in Spy Garden

with Pop


Never too young to learn!

With Nana

With Aunt Crissy

Research Assistant “Hmmmmm…”

Check this out:

Nana visited the “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World” exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum and said it was awesome.

All of the art and artifacts were excavated from the mouth of the Nile, where they had been, 30 feet deep in the Mediterranean sea, for 1200 years!

Meanwhile at a much smaller gallery:

Baby took in his first art show




Emoji baby #facepalm

Journal entry from back when baby had his first bath:

Very accurate! haha to the nail polish

Lol the posing. And impressive color coordination for a Monday!

Despite the freezing temps, we know its spring because:

Baseball season has begun!!