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August Highlights 2017

A trip to North Carolina, back to school, a birthday, football, an eclipse: why not jam it all into one post?!

Into the smokey mountains

And note: no ipads/phones/screens of any kind on the 10 hour drive; it is still possible for kids to be bored on road trips. haha Staring out the window is underrated, right?!

Duck in Montreat, NC


Farewell to camp! The Spy enjoyed a whole month there this summer.

I painted this with my camp bestie in 1999! (its the floor of a girls’ cabin)

We enjoyed a misty hike

One little pop of color!

Likin this lichen

Almost there!

We tried to do this hike a few years ago but didn’t make it to the falls (the whole thing was straight uphill) it took us nearly 3 hours to get up to the falls.

Which were somewhat underwhelming but I’m never going to complain about a hike/nature!

Fuzzy mushroom

We also took a little walk around Asheville (we all much preferred the woods).

Asheville Selfie


Street bubble

Once home…

Time to start school! (6th grade!!)

And kindergarten!


Happy Birthday!

She got a bunny leash hahahahahahah


Show Rabbit

And here comes the next victim


And on to…


He dragged this kid along 15 more yards into the endzone!!

Very hot!

And today we saw the solar eclipse which was very cool.

Totally cool!

I Spy: Big Muddy Boone’s Crossing

And we’re off!

This area offers a short trail; which would be great for very little kids as it is flat terrain and the trail is less than a mile long.

A paper wasp nest

Reminds me of tie-dye

A PSA I can definitely get behind!


From the map we could tell this part of the trail ran parallel to the river so naturally we blazed our own trail to find it!

We remarked that these woods were like a fairy forest

Checking out a large tree

Our little tree huggers

Magical Woods!

Coming to the river’s edge

Missouri River

Big Muddy

A tree floating down the river

Dexie in her element



And back through the fairy forest


Winter Hike

I dress warm; leggings, sometimes sweatpants over the leggings, sweatshirt, thick socks, heavy coat, hat, and gloves:

The greatest, warmest gloves ever. Extra thick wool.

The greatest, warmest gloves ever. Extra thick wool.

I park the car and open the door and press back against my seat while Dexie leaps over me and out the driver’s side. I take off at a dead run and imagine I’m a horse or a deer; leap-running up the trail. Long strides. I think…

I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m cold.

I run along and go up hill, up, up and pass the place I usually stop because I’m tired from the uphill running and want a little break.

I was so cold I forgot I was getting tired. I love winter.

And I’m not tired, and I’m not cold anymore. Up, up, up to the top and I look over a little ridge. I can see a faraway northerly view of the rolling hills since its winter and everything is bare. I slow down to a jog.

I should take a picture.

But quickly decide to pass. How many pictures of bare trees and faraway northerly views of rolling hills do I really need?

I've got a couple hundred of these bad boys. Haha

I’ve got a couple hundred of these bad boys. Haha

I slow to a brisk walk- it’s muddy today and there’s a lot of leaves on the trail. I start running again to pass under a huge tree that leans precariously over the trail. The terrain gets rockier. I consider doing a grand-jête. The cold winter air, the lovely northerly views of bare trees; it just makes you want to leap. I reconsider. Again, the trail is rocky and covered with leaves; not the ideal terrain for leaping.

Been there, done that, have a gnarly scar on my thigh to prove it. I am not, in fact, a ballerina.

I do a little leap anyways, without the running start. I feel a twinge in my knee.

I’m not 12 years old. Be careful! Go Easy!

I trot gingerly over the rocks and walk carefully when the trail starts to slope downward. My thoughts begin to drift. I think about school work a little but my thoughts are not focused just fleeting ideas.

Capstone Project. Oy.

Do spiders hibernate?

Ooooo nice rock.

I make it down the rocky part and start to jog again. I come to a little trail crossing.

I like this little crossing.

(as you can see my thoughts are often very, very profound)

I make it to a steep curved part; when I first ran this trail I slipped in the mud here. So I walk up that part. I walk a flat stretch and look around. I feel hot now and heading down the hill I think about the creek near the bottom.

What if I just jump in real quick to cool off?

The run back up the hill would probably keep me warm.

I probably wouldn’t get hypothermia.

I leave the trail and cross through the brush and find the creek bed totally dry. I guess I didn’t notice that before.

Duh it’s winter.

But I’m still surprised anyways; we’d gotten a lot of rain. It’s all frozen though.

Duh it’s 20-something degrees out.

I think about canoeing.

At Centaur Chute the water would probably be low now; it would probably be easy to make it up to the mouth of the Missouri this time of year. The key would be bringing rubber boots in case you have to portage that one shallow part. Smoochie and I should do that. We could get a babysitter.

I’m still standing there staring at the dry creek bed. Too dejected from my foiled ice swimming I don’t think to look around for any cool rocks. Dexie finds a little water down a ways and she wedges her whole body in it and takes a long drink.

Well at least someone’s getting to ice swim.

I don’t think I actually want to ice swim but it is still fun to pretend.

I cut back through the brush and notice a slew of wood ear mushrooms.

They really do look like ears.

I don’t care how delicious they are I’m just not brave enough to eat wild mushrooms and choose to photograph them instead. I take a few shots and set back up the hill. The way back is pretty much all uphill. I mostly walk but still breathe heavily and my heart pounds. I hear all sorts of birds; see a few. I stop a few times to take some deep breaths, to listen.

When I get close to the car I run the last bit.


Refreshed and rejuvenated.


So typically I do about 2 miles and it takes roughly 30 minutes but I never actually time myself or think about hiking/running/walking in any certain way or with any real plan. It is very freeing and nice and I just find the forest (or probably any trail) a wonderful place to be and wanted to share that!

In other news…

Woooo! The boys especially were thrilled with the Patriot’s Superbowl win.  I attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, so have a soft spot for all things New England. Coincidentally, Bill Belichick (also an alumnus of Wesleyan) was the keynote speaker at my graduation!

And now here are some pictures completely unrelated to any of the above (ha!):



A warm day enjoying bunny castle

A warm day enjoying bunny castle



Best friends

Best friends

Bun Bun lounging

Bun Bun lounging

The bunnies were loving the sunshine and rolled, dug and binkyed about!

The bunnies were loving the sunshine and rolled, dug and binkyed about!



Front flip!

Front flip!

Happy Monday; hope your week is off to a good start!