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Point A to Point B


St. Louis Souvenirs

Goodbye Silky’s

Goodbye Bestie!

Goodbye Garden!

Moving reveals many lessons most involving humility (oh yeah? You think you are organized?) and realizations that you have too many belongings. When it was all said and done (and canoe, houseplants, bikes, rabbits, chickens, etc.) given away to the neighbors, all our earthly possessions fit onto a 26′ truck which Smoochie and the Spy drove across the country towing a car. Baby, Zilla and I flew and our flight was conveniently cancelled the morning of our journey. Fortunately we were comfortable at Zilla’s best friend’s house when informed of this cancellation and decided to take a flight to Boston later in the day.

Uncle Kenny picked us up in Boston

From there just a short drive (less than 2 hours) to our new [rental] home in Maine!

While we were unpacking we spotted this little gardener snake and I thought, YOU have got to be kidding me with the snakes! We are the reptile whisperers, even in Maine! Our first full day we unpacked the truck and went straight to the beach…

50 something degree water; so refreshing!

It is very exciting to be exploring a whole new place!!

Look! An arch!

Pretty great first week in Maine!

Early Spring in Spy Garden

with Pop


Never too young to learn!

With Nana

With Aunt Crissy

Research Assistant “Hmmmmm…”

Check this out:

Nana visited the “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World” exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum and said it was awesome.

All of the art and artifacts were excavated from the mouth of the Nile, where they had been, 30 feet deep in the Mediterranean sea, for 1200 years!

Meanwhile at a much smaller gallery:

Baby took in his first art show




Emoji baby #facepalm

Journal entry from back when baby had his first bath:

Very accurate! haha to the nail polish

Lol the posing. And impressive color coordination for a Monday!

Despite the freezing temps, we know its spring because:

Baseball season has begun!!