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Sur La Plage July 2018

Amazing fog!

Fog rolling in

Very surreal

Beach creature

Boats, kids

On another cloudy day the whale watching was very good:


Getting her New England style on

This was the weirdest ground on one beach; soggy wood?

Visiting friends in Wells, ME at their beach cabin

View from their place

Painting in our yard

I spy

My longtime childhood friend visiting with her family for a beach day

Visiting a local museum

And we love our new library!

Zilla designed her own money (cheese!)

So did the Spy

Snacking on the couch (literally taking bites out of a head of cabbage)



Lake Sebago

Staying cool with a man-bun haha




Dead, red, crab

Nana and Pop visiting

Point A to Point B


St. Louis Souvenirs

Goodbye Silky’s

Goodbye Bestie!

Goodbye Garden!

Moving reveals many lessons most involving humility (oh yeah? You think you are organized?) and realizations that you have too many belongings. When it was all said and done (and canoe, houseplants, bikes, rabbits, chickens, etc.) given away to the neighbors, all our earthly possessions fit onto a 26′ truck which Smoochie and the Spy drove across the country towing a car. Baby, Zilla and I flew and our flight was conveniently cancelled the morning of our journey. Fortunately we were comfortable at Zilla’s best friend’s house when informed of this cancellation and decided to take a flight to Boston later in the day.

Uncle Kenny picked us up in Boston

From there just a short drive (less than 2 hours) to our new [rental] home in Maine!

While we were unpacking we spotted this little gardener snake and I thought, YOU have got to be kidding me with the snakes! We are the reptile whisperers, even in Maine! Our first full day we unpacked the truck and went straight to the beach…

50 something degree water; so refreshing!

It is very exciting to be exploring a whole new place!!

Look! An arch!

Pretty great first week in Maine!