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Happy Thanksgiving 2017 and Farewell to Fall!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful for!

We recently visited The Butterfly House and I thought I wouldn’t be too keen on posting the photos as I thought they would all look so anachronistically tropical (I’m all about the fall aesthetic right now!). But the grey sky cancelled out the tropical vibes and lots of these butterflies fit right in with the falling leaves and autumn whatnot!

Around Faust Park (home to the Butterfly House)

Young wild turkeys

And these pictures are looking down right Christmas-y!:

Fall Concert

Little cellist

Happy Turkey Day!

Soon-to-be-Christmatized mantle

April is thankful not to be a turkey today!

Animal Wrangling


Animal Organization Experts hahaha

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Late September/Early October in Spy Garden



Little pink globes

Some type of eggshell found in the woods with a little snail

Spy Garden

Late September!! The fall weather has been slow to arrive!

A few tomatoes have managed to survive our extreme neglect

At the library we noticed this painting with monarchs:

“Monarch” (get it?)

Well executed trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil means trick of the eye and is a painting technique that makes a painting appear three dimensional. It was used in all the paintings being shown (they aren’t collages); these are all watercolor paintings. The artist is Kent Addison.

Pointing out a tear in the paper that is really trompe l’oeil

Reading in the library

12 years old!

Homecoming Parade

Llama (and alpaca) refusing to participate in the parade haha

Getting to meet some “Silkies”

Monarch Mania


Pure magic!

We raised the caterpillars in a large glass pitcher but then carefully transferred the coccoons to a stick (hung between two pieces of wood) for better viewing.

I can’t get over those pure gold specks on the cocoons!

Newly hatched

Wet wings flapping in the breeze

Two hatched at almost the exact same time; a male and a female

When the last one was about to hatch,

‘Zilla demanded we bring it to school (she didn’t want to miss it!)

Monarch freshly hatched at school!

Her class released it into the school’s butterfly garden

I was so nervous about capturing the caterpillars, I would’ve felt so bad if they didn’t survive! But it was very easy you basically just give them plenty of milkweed and a roof from which to hang from and they will do the rest!

She was more interested in them than the Spy and his friend, ha!

Consider this a PSA for growing milkweed (the only things monarchs can eat)!