Grounded in Health

“Grounded” is a great adjective for health. When you love gardening/the dirt/sand/rocks/THE GROUND as much as I do, the concept of being “grounded in health” certainly includes a life lived with deep considerations for/activities involving the LITERAL ground! Understanding where your food comes from and watching it slowly grow deepens your relationship with food and therefore improves your overall health. The beautiful plants we can grow (right in the ground!) can be used as medicine for unbelievable healing and vitality. Spy Garden (this website) was started with my excitement over gardening in, again, THE GROUND!! Now, I am eager to share my work as a nurse practitioner at Atlantic Family Health with you all on this site! The gardening and the healing are definitely, COMPLETELY, totally: related!! Gardening has offered my family, neighbors, friends, and patients innumerable health benefits.

Patient stories of healing (from VERY serious illness/diseases which many doctors said was “impossible” to do) and vibrant health achieved through (chiefly) non-pharmacological based treatments (and certainly treatment involving plant/botanical supplements) has guided my search for knowledge in the quest for highly advanced healing/health. In my experience as an RN, and in my training/education to become an NP, I sought out practitioners to train with whose patients’ were saying these things like:

“I feel better.”

“I am completely healed.”

“I don’t have that problem anymore and I’m off all my prescription medications.”

And I listened VERY INTENTLY to the patients’ stories of HOW they did it.

Even when they had things like diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, chronic skin conditions, neurological conditions, rare autoimmune diseases, migraines, fertility issues, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, etc., etc., ETC: Healed!


HUNDREDS OF PATIENTS! I was sold on the integrative practice style! And thus, I was eager to start my own practice!!

This coming Sunday, the Grounded in Health event is in this precise spirit of becoming an expert on yourself and working hard on your self-care/health so that you can stop wasting your time and precious life/energy dealing with wretched symptoms! You should be free (of unpleasant symptoms!) so that you can begin work on getting self-actualized/attaining a deeper and deeper (and deeper! Health is a CONSTANT journey!) level of health whilst sharing your unique gifts/talents with your community (and the world)!

That’s my idea of a good time! While the event is subtitled, “An autoimmune event to bring you back to basics” in my clinical experience, focusing on strengthening the immune system, and therefore the body’s own innate ability to heal, certainly brings health to those with autoimmune disorders but ALSO solves tons of other issues not necessarily considered “autoimmune”. So I’d say ANYONE would benefit from this event!

If you are in the area (Portland, Maine) and looking to learn a ton and be inspired in your own path to health, this coming Sunday, come check it out. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

And now, a bunch of pictures of the ground (and some other things, ha!)

Hope you all had a happy Easter; I feel so blessed to be able to share these sights of spring in Maine with you all! Thank you for visiting Spy Garden!!


6 thoughts on “Grounded in Health

  1. Chelsea Jeter

    We seem to very in sync! Lol. It’s funny that you write about this because grounding has been my new health practice. I have trouble feeling grounded, but the more I do the less a lot of my current health issues ail me. I’ve been focusing on grounding a LOT lately, so thanks for sharing!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yesss!! I used to think lying on the ground/being barefoot and doing other “ground-y” activities were just something I liked; but am recognizing more and more how beneficial grounding practices can be to health!! Still working hard on a post with you in mind as the inspo so we are definitely sharing some wavelengths💙

  2. Eliza Waters

    Sounds like a great event – I hope you get a good turnout. Everyone needs to stay grounded!
    Love the pix and I can just imagine that wee one running your legs off, bet he’s tough to catch. ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yes looking forward to attending (I’m there to learn; some great people I met are the ones hosting it)! But will get to chat with folks/share some things of my own too! The baby is definitely getting fast and can pretty much run now! He is too cute; entering that toddler phase of ULTIMATE cuteness!!! 😍 thanks for the comments/encouragement!! :)

  3. g

    Know you’ll help many folks at your Grounded event! Keep up the good information. Spring has sprung for you all. Love the pictures


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