Sur La Plage July 2018

Amazing fog!

Fog rolling in

Very surreal

Beach creature

Boats, kids

On another cloudy day the whale watching was very good:


Getting her New England style on

This was the weirdest ground on one beach; soggy wood?

Visiting friends in Wells, ME at their beach cabin

View from their place

Painting in our yard

I spy

My longtime childhood friend visiting with her family for a beach day

Visiting a local museum

And we love our new library!

Zilla designed her own money (cheese!)

So did the Spy

Snacking on the couch (literally taking bites out of a head of cabbage)



Lake Sebago

Staying cool with a man-bun haha




Dead, red, crab

Nana and Pop visiting

7 thoughts on “Sur La Plage July 2018

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks yes this is not even our vacation this is just where we live now so it is pretty great!! Thanks for visiting! Will have to pop over to your blog soon!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Awesome beach time! A great place to spend time chilling during these warm, sticky days. I’m a lot envious. ;)
    Such a happy baby (heck, the whole family seems to be)! He is growing so fast, as babies do.
    I hope no one handled that beach worm…I’ve been told their bite is nasty! >:(
    That mushy stuff is peat/compressed plant matter. It contributes to that lovely low-tide smell. ;) All sorts of fun stuff to find at the beach! Enjoy!


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