6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 6.17.18

  1. Eliza Waters

    Beautiful day at the beach – so blue!
    Love the new house, lots of space and a big yard. Careful of ticks, they are so bad in the Northeast – I worry about your kiddos. :( We do complete tick-checks every night… groin, pits and hair. A necessary inconvenience, but better than the alternative. Were there ticks in MO?
    That is one happy baby – what a great smile! <3
    Happy Father's Day to Smoochie. :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      By my estimation there were 3x the ticks in Missouri (and MUCH longer tick season) so we know the drill, ha! The beach pics are from various beach outings. We are 10 min from the beach (about the drive/distance it used to take us to go to the park!) so we have been going in the evenings and in the day, whenever the mood strikes!


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