Early Spring in Spy Garden

with Pop


Never too young to learn!

With Nana

With Aunt Crissy

Research Assistant “Hmmmmm…”

Check this out:

Nana visited the “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World” exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum and said it was awesome.

All of the art and artifacts were excavated from the mouth of the Nile, where they had been, 30 feet deep in the Mediterranean sea, for 1200 years!

Meanwhile at a much smaller gallery:

Baby took in his first art show




Emoji baby #facepalm

Journal entry from back when baby had his first bath:

Very accurate! haha to the nail polish

Lol the posing. And impressive color coordination for a Monday!

Despite the freezing temps, we know its spring because:

Baseball season has begun!!

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