Late April in Spy Garden 2017

Leslie, Dexie

Well, we still have chickens in our living room. I mean, they’re in a large bin thing that we clean out daily, but still.

They still need to be under the heat lamps but they are growing so fast. This was the first time we brought them outside to play; so fun to watch them peck around.

Blackberry blossoms

Their new home is going to be right here:

On the left; where all that honeysuckle is now.

We are going to clear out a large area for their coop and a fenced pen. Construction begins this weekend!

Non-native (and very invasive) honeysuckle)

Curvy Garden

A volunteer pansy

Cardinal in our backyard (tons of them!)

Does anyone know what this is? I don’t but I tasted it and it is thick like spinach and lemony. I am hoping it is edible so I can add it to salads.

It grows in clumps like this and has a connected root system. (Ignore the kohlrabi intermixed with the mystery plant, I know what that is! ha!)

Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry blossom

Lambs Quarters; which I usually weed but recently found it was edible (related to amaranth and looks much like quinoa plants) so am letting it grow freely in the garden this year.

So much garlic!

Eating dill (tons of volunteer dill plants popping up)

She is also learning to cook outdoors:

(From the school newsletter)

Lilac I

Lilac II

Spring Concert

The last concert of elementary school!

Taking a…


We are glad he has decided to continue cello into middle school!

He has also been very busy with baseball.

Making a pit stop to look at these guys on the way home from a game

They reminded me of that book Where the Wild Things Are!

We also stopped and took in this very scenic view!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Late April in Spy Garden 2017

  1. Anita

    Lovely photos! Your images make me want to buy another place with a bigger garden!!! :) I have no room left for any more plants in mine! So sad!!!

  2. narf7

    Glad you are keeping the sorrel and the lambs quarters. I think that lambs quarters has a taste reminiscent of avocado and let it go nuts in Sanctuary. Kudos on The Spy playing the cello and on Baby and her outdoor cooking adventures.

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thank goodness for blog-world or I may never have figured out these things were edible. That is one of my favorite things about blogging; identifying plants via a google search is not always possible but I can usually count on my two favorite readers (you or Eliza) to ID my mystery plants!!! I agree the lambs quarters have a rich buttery taste and do not get bitter with the heat (like many greens do around here). Thank you for visiting and for the comments :). Yes, Baby’s class has been working all semester on an outdoor cooking, she has learned a lot. :)

  3. Eliza Waters

    Now why do I feel like weeping when I think of Spy heading off to Middle School? Why do they grow up so fast? sniff, sniff ;) Then….you’ll have a teenager -arrgh!
    The chicks are growing fast and yet still so cute. I love that they have names. Is Dexie good with them?
    The mystery plant is Sheep’s Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) – very edible. Some claim it has many health properties. Rather invasive and hard to get rid of, so you may as well eat it!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Woo hoo!! You made my day. I will keep the patch of Sheep’s Sorrel and while yes it seems hard to get rid of it doesn’t seem to spread too much (not like mint or anything). Plus we’re not exactly short on space in the garden-ha! I am really trying to add a variety of wild/garden greens to my daily salads to utilize as much of the garden plants as possible so I am very thankful for this ID. Yes, I CAN’T BELIEVE he is going into middle school!
      Dexie completely ignores the chicks when they are in their pen in the house but she got very interested when we were in the yard with them! She is pretty redirectable-haha so I think she will be ok with them. Thanks again for the ID (and the comments:)!


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