Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter!

After church, the kids made out well in the egg hunt.

Which was good since I didn’t make Easter baskets this year. Instead opting for a big surprise…

We visited a farm…

Hey! Wrong holiday!

That’s more like it!!!

And we are now the proud owners of seven baby chicks!


Specky is a Speckled Sussex. She reminds me of a hawk but we couldn’t think of any hawk-ish names.


Cleo is Black Lace Silver Wyandotte. We also have Goldie, a Red Sexlink, two Salmon Faverolles (Leslie and Peep) and two Austrolorps (April and Buffy). I am loving all of these unique names of chicken breeds!! The Spy mandated a “Chicken Naming Lockdown” Hahahah and we weren’t allowed to do anything until we named them all; ha!

Here’s their setup while they are little and Smoochie will be building the coop ASAP!

We’ve moved the seedlings outside to harden off (they were where the chicks now are). And in other garden news…

We finally figured out what kind of trees these are:

Bradford Pear: the non-native trash tree of St. Louis. In fact, in a quick search I found a very entertaining and informative post (the writer’s annual “Bashing of the Bradford”!) that called them “evil”, “despicable” and asserted that it is “negligent” to plant them. I’m convinced and they will be going bye-bye. We would like to replace them with fruit trees (someone gave them to us and we thought they were fruit trees). Pretty white flowers yes, but…

If you want to save the world, cut down your Bradford pear trees.

Ha! Back to the chicks…

GAaaaahhh they are so cute!

The kids were just slightly excited about all of this!

In keeping with the chicken theme, we also decorated eggs this year (which for some reason we have rarely done).

And it’s Easter so of course we can’t forget our bunnies!


No bunnies were harmed in the making of this photo…

Or this one! Ha! She just likes to chase them. They don’t seem to mind too much.


Happy Easter to you all!! Thanks for visiting!

10 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2017!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Bunnies and REAL peeps! The best Easter ever. :) They are SO cute. I went by the chick pens at Tractor Supply and wished I could have some, but reality/sanity prevailed. ;)
    Loved the bunny elevator :-D
    ‘Zilla’s dress is pretty and those lacy anklets, too, but somehow she seems more natural in her play clothes. She is a more outdoorsy kind of girl these days. ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Reality/sanity rarely prevails around here; ahhaha;)
      Yes, she is not too keen on dressy clothes and much prefers old t-shirts and sweat pants! (which I do too; ha!)
      We are so excited about the chicks; their quiet little peeping is just adorable. The kids are doing a great job taking care of them. I am excited to see what Smoochie comes up with for their coop!

      1. Eliza Waters

        From experience, I might suggest he makes a design that has a small, back door to the nest boxes for easy egg retrieval and a way to clean the coop without having to crawl or stoop inside. Breathing in there after a while can be rather toxic – esp. for young lungs!

      2. Spy Garden Post author

        Yes we will definitely do the nest box access thing. We are also going to make it quite large so it is easy to walk into and clean. We are also thinking of making it able to open up on both ends for even easier cleaning/to air it out when cleaning it. And we are going to invest in a good power washer! We have a friend/neighbor with a really nice coop so we are somewhat using that as an example. They will also have a fenced (and roofed) run; necessary with all the predators around here! I saw a coyote in our yard a few weeks ago! So they will really only be able to be “free range” around the yard when we are home/with them! Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. narf7

    Happy Easter Ms Spy. We completely forgot that it was Easter till we went (foolishly) shopping on Thursday and were met with wall to wall shoppers all acting like there was going to be a month without shopping (when there was only going to be a day where the shops shut). We are both vegan now so we don’t do chocolate or eggs (lucky really as our chooks hide them all and hatch out chicks). The bunny’s don’t look too put out by the new Easter additions and Dexie is a very good dog to just chase them. I had best not EVER bring Earl to visit! o_O


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