Woooo Friday! Hope you all had a great week. Never a dull moment in Spy Garden…We’ve ordered seed potatoes (purple! and sweet! and Kennebec!) and a mountain of dirt, which arrives tomorrow (another wooo!). In Squirrely Garden (Baby’s Forest School Garden) we’ve ordered dirt and I (the Garden CEO) spray-painted the borders of the lovely, undulating shapes of each garden bed onto the ground. With lovely neon orange paint, which happily washed out of my lovely wool coat and leather handbag, which I wore as I graffitied the ground haha. Instead of digging all the plots, they tacked down black garden fabric cut in the shapes I spray painted and will soon dump dirt on top of that (rather than taking the dig it in first approach I’ve used in Spy Garden), so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I’ve brought them lots of seedlings to care for until they are ready to go in the garden. The seedlings are springing up by the dozens in Babyzilla’s room (aka our glam-greenhouse).

We’ve contended with the usual repertoire of wildly violent midwestern spring storms,

Hunkering down in the basement with the tornado sirens blaring!

Hunkering down in the basement with the tornado sirens blaring!

And come through unscathed. Though I did have a bit of a detour over a bridge (as seen on Instagram this afternoon). Here’s an excerpt from our local news station’s website (replete with typos;)…

MoDOT officials say the incident is weather related because of the massive storms we just had.

“The river cane up about 10 feet last night. There was high winds and it came up higher than we expected. The barge broke free, basically it was holding the crane, and it moved about 50 feet and it’s resting up against the bridge. The problem is, too, there’s a lot of debris building up against the barge and so there’s a lot of pressure on this bridge and so at this point there’s more and more pressure on it so we want to get the traffic off there and get that moved as quickly as possible,” said MoDOT District Engineer Greg Horn.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

MoDOT is working with several agencies, including the US Coast Guard. Tug boats are being moved up the Missouri River to help move the barge.

Horn says MoDOT believes the barge moved the 50 feet slowly, and that the crane did not slam into the bridge, but gently eased into it, probably overnight. Workers first noticed the crane next to the bridge at 5:30am Friday.

The extent of the damage is not completely known yet.

Basically it was holding the crane” (well I guess if you want to get technical the river was also “holding” it) and “gently eased into it” Hahhahaha. Come on, “slammed” or “smashed into it” sounds way more exciting.

It wasn’t all wild Jurassic park-style-suspense storms and excitement this week. I enjoyed a leisurely swim (indoors!) with the kids…The Spy enjoyed a friend’s birthday party, baseball practice and teaching Smoochie about the metric system. I, a yoga class, a happy hour or two and found this hilarious, smartly-written blog and also enjoyed agreeing with this post. And, of course, we are all enjoying watching everything turn green and the daffodils blooming everywhere!

Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. narf77

    Friday?! I could have sworn it was tuesday!!! Looks like I am a bit behind in my RSS Feed Read (AGAIN! Sigh…) Yeah that journalist appears to have come from the same school as our local Tasmanian journalists…the school that isn’t really a “school” as in a place where you learn how to spell and use grammar but more like a school where you tap out a few phrases on your lappy and fire it off to your uncle who runs the local press…Glad you managed to find your way back over the bridge that was “having relations” with that barge…hope you averted your eyes young lady! “HA” funny blog post ;) with you on the timelord and following her in the vague hope that I can hitch a lift back to 1980 and tell my old self “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”…

  2. Eliza Waters

    The garden progress sounds exciting, but sitting in the basement with the sirens blaring sounds scary! How do you remain calm (if only for the sake of the kids!)?

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      The sirens go off at least once a week in spring! It’s not too scary, statistically probably far more likely to be hurt in a car accident. It is exciting though and keeps us on our toes!


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