Friday Funny

I sifted through (800+) “search terms” in my “stats” and listed the ones I chuckled at. I put a few comments/answers with some of them. And so,

What people googled and landed at Spy Garden (they’re in italics, my comments are not):

saponin people who don’t like cilantro

Saponins are the bitter-tasting chemical compounds found on some foods (i.e. quinoa which needs to be rinsed well before consumption). So this googler is using “saponin” as a synonym for “bitter” I think? HAHAHAha

zombie shooting range

learn to “climb hills without stopping” -bike –cycling

I believe it is “I think I can, I think I can”

de-christmatize, remove cards on the wall

I thought I invented the term “de-Christmatize”!? (as in taking down the decorations)

telagon aflubia, brain surgery

Funny, when you know where I used the word “telagon” (I thought I made it up haha)

where can i buy a giant outdoor advent wreath for my yard?

how do you spell pare as in pare down

You’ve got it!

how does gardening contribute to the creative and aesthetic value

Of…? (Everything in every way;)

anatomically correct skeleton sweatshirt

I’ve got that one nailed!

I’ve got that one nailed!

what to put on top of an obeslik ina garden

That’s what I’d like to know!

do you wear shoes while doing yoga

However you feel comfortable. I ALWAYS prefer bare feet (in most any activity)

what to write on gardening progress report

About your plants. Our progress report for today (February 7, 2014) is that they are covered in snow.

what zone db oes purple artichoks grow in

I hope in our zone. It’s been awfully cold (zero, quite a few times) I hope they survive this winter!

guacamole wolf spider

Holy guacamole! That’s a big spider!

pictures of lawn problems with tiny purple flowers

I REALLY hope this person read at least a little of Spy Garden to realize that tiny purple flowers are quite the OPPOSITE of a problem. The bees NEED your non-uniform lawn with flowers!

mudbath kids

my recently planted eggplant has holes in the leaves & teeny little black bugs what do flea beetles look like

Like what has chewed holes in your eggplant foliage.

do deer eat yellow scallop squash


moss aligator diy

I want to DIY an alligator made of moss! Thanks for the idea!

rock garden in a jar

Step 1: Gather rocks. Step 2: Put in a jar.

Hahhaa Happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. narf77

    ROTFL! I was “meh” till I hit the Guacamole Wolf Spider and suddenly this post was full of yuk’s. Gotta say the day I meet one is the day I have drunk an entire bottle of tequila all by myself and I am an extreme lightweight when it comes to booze these days ;). A more appropriate deer search would have been “what DON’T deer eat” ;). Me TOO on the moss alligator. I reckon I could fool my chooks into staying out of the side garden and turning it into a giant silty dust bath by the strategic placement of a large moss alligator. Cheers for the yuk’s. Aside from having a HUGE branch from a tree fall down in the neighbours yard (who is away and who is going to have to return home and deal with it) the yuk’s have been few and far between these days. LOVE that guacamole wolf spider and am still chuckling about it :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      I often link to that post of that Chewbacca spider because those pictures are just crazy! hahah thanks. I feel like I was funnier during the 100 posts in 100 days. I’ll try to keep it up.;)

      1. narf77

        I love your photo posts. It’s like a little breath of frigid air blowing over the Siberian tundra’s and straight into my parched and arid tumbleweed ridden soul :) But a good laugh is hard to beat and anyone who wouldn’t laugh at even just the collective of verbs and nouns that go into the name “Guacamole Wolf Spider” is either dead or not to be trusted under any circumstances ;)

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