Happy New Year!

What better way to start off a new year in the garden than with a seed order?!

dfgfgf (256x500)2 (305x500)3 (285x500)4 (303x500)5 (333x304)

These varieties (ordered from http://www.rareseeds.com) do not include about fifteen or so other leftover seeds from last year’s packets. Or the perennials (artichokes, strawberries, hyssop…). Or the volunteers (cilantro, lime basil, lemon bee balm…). Or the other seed packets I will probably buy between now and spring. Or the seeds I’ve saved from last year’s plants. WAY too many varieties to possibly all fit in the garden, but that’s ok. In the case of a zombie apocalypse I will be glad of my seed surplus haha. My garden resolution is to take better care of the seedlings. It is better to have three healthy seedlings than eleven spindly ones shivering in a drafty windowsill. So I am going to come up with an actual seed-start set up this year instead of little paper cups strewn all about the house. Do you have any resolutions for your garden?

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      A seed starting apparatus has been in my plan for a few years now as well!! I like your set up. My main problem is location so just trying to decide on that then make something that will fit!

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    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! I LOVE drooling over catalogs! Even though I’ve already placed my big order I will continue to pour over them! Especially on the really cold days!

  2. narf77

    WOW! I love that list! I have blue speckled teparary beans as well but ours had to be specially bred for local conditions :) Excellent arid crop apparently and I will be planting them ASAP (cheers for the reminder that I have them ;) ). Our garden was a hurried affair this year. Although it is growing like topsy at the moment, I want to start all of my vegetables off early and from seed in our next growing season and I want to experiment more with heritage and more interesting crops (peanuts anyone?). Can’t wait to watch Spy Garden flourish and see what grows well and how it all pans out this year. Happy New Year! :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      I had never heard of tepary beans before and literally picked them because I like the word “tepary” hahahaj I almost bought peanuts but they need sandy/looser soil and ours is pretty clay so I opted to just do soy beans again instead of peanuts since they did so well last year. I look forward to making a better seed setup though not sure where it how it will be yet! Stay tuned :) happy 2014 to you and wishes for a bountiful harvest in your gypsy tent!!

      1. narf77

        Oops…I added an extra “ar” ;) I have the blue speckled and some plain brown ones and had better get my act together in planting them or they simply won’t grow. It has only just started to warm up here in Tasmania and much as I would love a mild summer, I just KNOW we are in for some extended dry and warm weather in the near future so while I am laying cheek down on the bathroom floor tiles fighting the dogs for possession of the “cool”, at least the tepary beans will be happy ;). The gypsy tent has so far stopped just about everthing scoffing our veggies this year. We still have to contend with the insectivorous pests but I don’t mind sharing a little bit here and there rather than entire rows of veg disappearing overnight into chomped and stomped chaos which was both disheartening and blood pressure raising at the same time. Nothing like an early morning bout of depressive anger to clear out the pipes! ;)

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