We’re Going Surfing

We’re not really going surfing. It would be very difficult to surf in Missouri. That is a lyric of a Weezer song.

The kids have been listening to Queen in the car. Call me old-fashioned, but I like CDs (and for the record, I like being called “old-fashioned”). Once it’s in the player you can listen to it, exclusively, AGAIN and AGAIN. Play it TO DEATH. And if you have children, you know how they love repetition.

So anyway the past few weeks it’s been Queen for every car ride and if I listen to “We Will Rock You” one more time my head might explode. Baby was even starting to learn all the words to the verses and apply the concepts to her own life. i.e…

“We don’t want to get mud on our face. That would be disgusting.”

So it was time to switch things up. We switched it out to Weezer, the blue album. This CD was in heavy rotation when the Spy was in preschool. It was high time Baby got acquainted.

You take your car to work

I’ll take my board

And when you’re out of fuel

I’m still afloat

Let’s try to find a deeper meaning in this song:

Surfing can pay the bills.

Not necessarily.

Wave power is a renewable source of fuel and we shouldn’t rely on finite fossil fuels to gas up our SUVs.

Not necessarily.  Shouldn’t we be drilling for oil here? And you can’t power an SUV with wave-power, silly!

Maybe it means they just want to be slackers and not work.

Not necessarily.

How about, challenge notions of “work” and you do what you want, and I’ll do what I want.

Hmm…getting closer.

It may not be necessary to find meaning in Weezer lyrics. But I do think like the song because it is good to challenge notions of “work”. Finding meaning and joy and humor in your “work” is so important. Mostly I like Weezer because it is silly and fun to listen to. And silly and fun are top priorities in Spy Garden.

GOOD GRIEF! Where are you going with all of this?!

Mostly I just want to tell my surfing story.

I grew up in Southwest Florida. The Gulf of Mexico is not an ocean. Typically, it’s like a salty pond, lapping at the shore like bath water, and in the summer, is the temperature of bath water. On a very windy day when and there are waves they are still NOT surfable.

But one day there was a hurricane or a tropical storm (I don’t remember which) offshore enough not to be really stormy or dangerous, but close enough to create actual surf.

It was on the first beach after you go over the bridge from Sanibel to Captiva Island whence I surfed. The waves weren’t huge but they were big enough. I paddled out and tried and stood up and fell over and paddled our and tried again. And again and again. And again. At one point the board flipped over and on the underside of the board there was an octopus! It was a little one, no bigger than a human hand. Cool! I brushed it off and then continued on. It was cloudy and gray and windy. I paddled out, and tried again. And again. And then I got back to shore. And four hours had passed. It felt like 20 minutes. And that’s pretty much the story. (This is why I had to get philosophical about Weezer, otherwise this story is sort of useless).

I do not yearn to go surfing again. Sometimes, certain experiences have a “been there, done that” quality. It was great and fun and enjoyable and don’t think I’ve ever experienced such an extreme time warp (four hours, really?!) and the octopus sighting was way cool. I guess I feel that one can connect with nature and lose track of time in productive and more practical (i.e. things you can easily do every day) activities. Like gardening. I get the same feeling when I spot a giant spider or snake as I did when I saw the octopus. Let’s be honest, I get that feeling when I see a new bloom or vegetable forming on a plant (I really like plants). And usually once I start digging, an hour goes by in a snap. The idea of “flow” (losing yourself and a sense of time in enjoyable “work”) is the ultimate in productivity and creativity and the more ways in your life you can achieve “flow”, the more creative and productive (and fulfilled) you will be. It really would be a shame to have an undeniable passion for something (i.e. surfing) when it is not feasible to do it often (i.e. when you live in Missouri). Much better to develop passions and hobbies you can do OFTEN!

But surfing is so much cooler than gardening!

No it’s not, I swear. No one activity is cooler than another. Hiking, running, canoeing, a nice walk, bird watching, your job, whatever YOU like. Connecting with different aspects of nature or of culture. Tapping into your own unique “flow” where (for a time) there’s no question of energy source. You can’t run “out of fuel”, because you’re “afloat”.

I’m bailing out because I hate the race

Of rats that run round and round in the maze

I’m going surfing, I’m going surfing!

7 thoughts on “We’re Going Surfing

  1. narf77

    I thought you were grapling at straws with trying to analyse Weezer there for a while…Glad you stopped because you may have needed therupy. I like that you try things and work out when it’s time to give it up and find something that you like to do that is worth more to you for your precious time. So many people feel the need to be “perfect” at everything that they do. To master and accomplish and “slay” it to the max. I get the feeling that all of the enjoyment got wrung out of it a LONG time ago and the pathetic husk that they are palpatation just wants to have a little lay down… we only get one turn of the roundabout (well…as far as I am aware we do ;) ) and this little black duck is going to do things that make her heart swell and soar rather than be master of all she surveys (good thing really because so far…I haven’t really mastered anything! ;) )

      1. narf77

        Very important to learn to “quit while you are ahead”. Best your kids “give up” on expensive things like ballet, competitive trumpet playing and Steel drum collecting BEFORE they need the equipment!!! ;)

  2. Eliza Waters

    Flow is where it’s at! A few years ago, I shifted to doing more of what felt good (and hanging out with fun people to be around) and along with daily gratitude, it was a good move!
    Still waiting for ‘festive home’ photos! ;-) hint – hint!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      I had actually never heard of “flow” until my sister told me about it, she said it made her think of me working in the garden! Since, I have read a few things about it and now I am much more cognizant of always trying to tap into the “flow”. I know, I know, I’m lacking on the festive, I assure you this lack is ONLY in blog-world and its all snowflakes and Christmas music and lights around here ;)! (didn’t I write a disclaimer about that
      ? Something about nuclear waste?) hahaha ha. I will, just as soon as I catch the right lighting (indoor photography ugh!) ;)


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