One Hundred

Pupt pupt pupt Kerrrchchchaaaaa pakkkchhhcchhhrr Cchhhrrrr boom boom boom

Baby is not walking on the keyboard. That is the sound of fireworks exploding (or the world’s least accurate onomatopoeia).

I have written 100 posts in 100 days!

P1030513 (500x310)

Technically I took a few days off when we went camping and when we had family in town visiting. And I took Thanksgiving Day off. But I’m probably the only one keeping track of those sort of discrepancies. My fourth grade teacher always told me I was a “great” writer. Even when I ran into her years later she asked me, “Are you still writing?” and I stammered something about painting and I remember thinking later, “I WAS IN FOURTH GRADE?! How good could the writing really have been?!” For a while, I thought maybe I just peaked in fourth grade. I rolled my eyes through four years of Wesleyan University as an English and Art History major and wrote dozens of papers (maybe even one hundred papers) and nothing I wrote was interesting, witty, educational or memorable. I certainly never wanted to show any of it off. It was an “underachiever” phase and mostly I just wanted to fill up the assigned page quota (8-10 pages on Desmoiselles D’Avignon, 10-12 on The Iliad, 5-7 on Dictee and so forth). I coasted through with minimal effort and a B average. A deeper (or more satirical, depending on perspective) understanding of academics and learning and writing would come years later. I’ve always adored the writing style of a few hilarious authors (P.J. O’Rourke being the best example from that group) and I thought, maybe I can write funny things too. Well victory is mine, because I have succeeded in making people laugh, (O.L!) on more than one occasion. And a real-life published author (Mark Coakley) complimented me on my posts and follows Spy Garden! I must be legitimate! Mrs. Harrison was right!

A real-life friend (she doesn’t have a blog, but if she did it would probably be The Funniest Thing on the Internet) helped me out with my “mission” statement and the About page and things when I first started Spy Garden. I’d send a few ideas and she’d send back comments. She told me, “Don’t forget to enable the comments thing so people can ask you questions.”

And I thought, “Why on earth would I do that? This is my place to ramble and blather and I don’t even know the people who will be reading! Why would I want to interact with complete strangers?”

The “social” part of social media was entirely unfamiliar territory to me. Before Spy Garden I used to say things like:

“Social media is useless.”


“The so-called relationships fostered in social media aren’t ‘real’.”

I thought that online “interactions” were basically useless (or at least something “less”) because they didn’t occur in real life.

While I do agree that a social media “friendship” is not the same as your neighbors who stop over, the friends you sit next to at church or peers at your job, it is a perfectly valid (and awesome!) form of sharing ideas and interests. I thought about in “the olden days” when people may have corresponded by hand written letters across vast distances for months or even years: maintaining relationships through 300 words or less at a time. Were such relationships less significant than of those who spent most every waking moment together? Not necessarily. How we share and express and create and communicate with other people takes many forms. One not necessarily less valid than another. That being said, I still don’t do Facebook. And I’m still technically anonymous in the world of social media. But this does not mean I don’t value the people I’ve “met” in blog-world. So I’d like to give a gracious thank you to everyone who has read my posts. A special thank you to two readers who commented on almost every post in these (long!) 100 days: Fran, your unbridled enthusiasm is contagious. Your comments are so…..well, ENTHUSIASTIC!!! Also thought provoking and insightful (and funny!). Eliza, your comments are warm, encouraging and nurturing. Your appreciation of being present in each moment is always so calming. I’d like for Spy Garden to exude both Fran’s wild, unbridled enthusiasm and Eliza’s serene calm. Thanks for taking the time to comment, you guys are great!

What else have I learned from blog-world in this creative process of vowing to write 300-1000 words every day?

In blog-world, word count isn’t everything. Hamlet for Babies was one of my favorite of the 100 and only 20 or so words were actually mine (the rest were Shakespeare’s). Sometimes an original idea or a set of great photos makes for a great post. Words aren’t always mandatory in blog-world. 100 essays in 100 days was a fantastic exercise for Spy Garden. I highly recommend creating a challenge that suits your individual interests. Exercise every day for 30 days? Vegan for 50? A picture a day for 365? A drawing a day for 75? The possibilities are endless.

I don’t know how other blog hosting sites operate, but I’m really glad I chose WordPress. It is very cool to check out the site view statistics that tell you which countries your viewers came from. In the past 30 days Spy Garden has been viewed in over 50 countries; Norway, Iraq, Mexico, Israel, Sri Lanka, Guam, Japan (to name a few). When bitter winter winds are blowing in Spy Garden, it’s spring in Australia. The global aspect of blog-world always serves me as a good reminder that (in the wise words of Spongebob Squarepants):

“…the world doesn’t revolve around you.” (excerpt from the Spongebob Christmas song)

Hhahahhaha But seriously, I know it doesn’t. So enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I’m looking forward to having a little more time to peruse blog-world and take it easy on the Spy Garden word count for awhile!

10 thoughts on “One Hundred

  1. Eliza Waters

    Congrats on reaching 100! you must feel good about reaching your goal. Thanks for your kind comments, it’s funny how I never really see myself as others do! Can’t wait to hear what your next self-challenge will be – drawing, diet or exercise – whatever, I’m sure it will be entertaining. Enjoy your well-deserved “rest.”

  2. narf77

    You just made me laugh again…as always, I am the “enthusiastic” one to someone else’s “calming”…I have just discovered the marvellousness of vegetable gardening all over again…it is like giving up booze and cigarettes and then taking up where you left off 20 years later. The enthusiasm (see…I apply it to every facet of my life ;) ) of last year’s first veggie garden was somewhat dampened by mass attack by natives BUT we rose above it and created a Frankenstein of a structure that I can be found in most times of the day. Have a well-deserved rest. You “dun good”. Time to have a break (have a Kit-Kat… have 2!) and wrestle The Spy Nacho Libre style, teach baby some quantum physics and settle down in your PJ’s and watch some Honey-Boo-Boo with Smoochie and a huge bowl of popcorn…you deserved it ma’am :)


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