85. Books

Aurevoir Pierre Papier!

Aurevoir Pierre Papier!

This is the fifth and final installment of the Possibilities with Paper series. And do I have a doozy for you. I have a book deal! And by book deal, I mean, I’ve made a deal with myself that I’m going to make a book. Using the (best) material of this blog. The thing I dislike most about blogging is that it is experienced on a screen, rather than in print.

There is a push toward a paperless life. No matter how many hipsters dance with them in commercials and no matter how upbeat the music is while the colorful gadgets spin round and round, ipads and kindles and nooks and tablets can never replace a book. Which is more charming: a broken kindle or a well-worn book?

And you can call it “paperwhite” but it’s not paper, it’s artificial light. It’s a screen, not pages. You can’t dog-ear a flat screen or thumb back to a previous section.  If there is a zombie apocalypse, computers and everything else requiring a power source will quickly be obsolete. While books, in their perfectly simple design, will endure. I mean, obviously they can be ruined by mold or fire or water, but you know what I mean. Words on paper. Genius!

You hear that “things” on the internet are “out there” “forever”. I don’t buy it. I trust books more.

The same thing goes for images. No matter how organized your photo files are, no matter how “safely” backed up, so long as they are jpgs there’s nothing tactile or tangible about them. Images on a screen and images in print are two different things.

I asked the Spy to type up his opinion on the matter. I kept the spelling errors as I think it adds to the effect hahah:

Books are way better then i pads and i pods and any other stuipid piese of technolegy  because they suck and books are awesom.evrebody says that tecnolegy is better but really ther horibel. books are awesom because they are really better then tecnolegy  and they aren’t made of glass or metel.you can do a lot more with things that aren’t tecnolegy because books are way older and every thing that’s old is better. litterly every thing that is old is better like cars* and books and every thing els that’s old. Books are easy to read because they are made of paper.you also half to buy books on your phone or whatever you have but if you have real books peopel can give them to you**. so if you have a tecnolegy thing get ride of it because thecnolegy sucks.

*I’m certain that by “cars” he means “1971 Dodge Chargers”

**I am those “peopel” and just gave him a pile of books and for the record I did buy them. But to his credit, there is the library.

I may not take such a staunch stance in opposition of technology. Except for video games, which I do think are quite useless, and I’m proud to say we don’t own any. I think technology is useful for many things. I just don’t think it can replace books. Or any of the other pursuits in paper featured in this series.

So how exactly do I plan to turn this blog into a book? WordPress is coming out with a new feature that will just dump all your writing and images into a book format and you can just edit the text and layout. Then pay by the page to get it printed and bound up and shipped to you. YOU WISH! Not exactly, but ALMOST (there will be some furious copy and pasting) in My Publisher.

Like so:

DSC_2253 (500x245)

The past couple years in lieu of printing up family photos and putting them in albums, I made photo books. I’ve used both Shutterfly and My Publisher.

A Shutterfly book

A Shutterfly book

A MyPublisher book

A MyPublisher book

Isn’t it a lovely view of the fireplace from my desk?

And isn't it better to curl up by the fire with a book than a screen?

And isn’t it better to curl up by the fire with a book than a screen?

I have included some writing before:

Spring 2012 I wrote down all of the heirloom varieties we grew in the garden!

Spring 2012 I wrote down all of the heirloom varieties we grew in the garden!

One of my favorite photos. Sheep Cave at Meramec State Park

One of my favorite photos. Sheep Cave at Meramec State Park

The photo taking up a whole page is a nice look.

The photo taking up a whole page is a nice look.

Another page

Another page

But for this book I am basically going to make the layout just like Spy Garden website. Plain gallery white background. Text, with images. I’ll probably edit out all of the references to “blogging” so it will be just a book, standing on its own, with all the glorious 2013 content from this site. I’m sure I’ll blog about the process of making it. ;)

5 thoughts on “85. Books

  1. suzjones

    Great idea. I have been digi scrapping for years and do yearly books (although I only just finished 2008). I also do up all of our holidays into photobooks and included lots of text. With the holidays, I generally transcribe my travel diary onto the pages. I’m really pleased with how they turn out. :)
    Yours will look wonderful.

  2. narf77

    You had me at “Books” today. You can’t prop up a dodgy coffee table with an e-book, you can’t swat a blowfly with one either…Neither can you remind Earl that standing on the kitchen table isn’t something that we do in polite (or impolite for that matter) company…Turning the pages of a book is something that heralds possibilities…tapping a screen lacks the poise of “presence”…where’s the fun in choosing your bookmark for the day? “I think I will go with the old autumn leaf…no, maybe I will go with the bread wrapper? Nah, I think I will use that squashed paper straw…” see? You use your brain when you read. You peruse the pages and you feel them at the same time. The hefty weight of a juicy tomb reminds you that you are actually doing something rather than marking time till something better comes along…

    The Spy and I share a lack of the correct vernacular when we get excited. I should be honest there…without spell check my comments would be atrociously (I KNOW I just spelled that wrong but you aren’t going to know that because my old mate spell check will fix it before I share ;) ) badly spelled. Creative people are notoriously bad at spelling. Spelling ability comes from the non-creative side of the brain. I don’t have to “get ride” of my technology because I refuse to partake of its blingy electrical synapse twitching glory. A fantastic idea to preserve the 2013 posts in all their glory :)

  3. Eliza Waters

    Wow, sorry Spy, but look what your Mom did with technology, she made some really beautiful books! And I have a feeling those were just a warm up. (Mrs. B., you are very inspiring!)


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