83. Origami and Cookies

You know what this means!

You know what this means!

The Possibilities of Paper series presses on!

The Spy went through an origami phase in preschool (he was about 5), but this was all he remembered how to do:

DSC_2100 (374x500)

So we both had to check out a few step-by-step photos. I am not going to do any step-by-steps here because www.origami-instructions.com does it so well.

DSC_2092 (417x500)

Once I got to this “Bird Base”:

I grew tired of following directions. Following directions during creative pursuits is NOT my strong suit.

So from the bird base I just winged it. HAHAHA WinGed it.

A pterodactyl!

A pterodactyl!

A few more folds and:

A swan!

A swan!



What do cookies have to do with paper?

They were cooked on parchment!

They were cooked on parchment!

I should’ve done origami WITH parchment. Pierre Papier says, “La prochaine fois!”

SO I am not too big on recipes (again, following directions during creative pursuits: not my strong suit) but in baking you sort of have to.

This is my basic sugar cookie recipe: 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of sugar, plus a couple tablespoons, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, pinch of salt, tiny bit of almond extract, 1 egg, ½ teaspoon each of baking soda and baking powder and then 2 cups of all purpose flour. In a perfect world my go-to cookie recipe would be vegan and have whole grain flour, alas, it does not.

The chocolate filling is SO easy and is vegan!

Cocoa powder, dark chocolate cocoa powder, powdered sugar, then add a splash of vanilla extract, a tablespoon of coffee. Then add water a teaspoon at a time (stirring well) until you reach the precise consistency of “thick, but not too thick”. The cookies were baked FIRST, then a dab of chocolate and then put the top on. I cut the hole in the middle of the tops with a cleaned out magic marker cap.

8 thoughts on “83. Origami and Cookies

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks, I appreciate it! I’ve politely declined to these awards in the past since I never seem to get around to answering the questions/passing it along. But thanks so very much (and for all your likes and comments)!!!

  1. narf77

    I was a bit of a slow learner when it came to origami… My best “remembered piece” is how to make a water bomb. I once knew how to turn it into a frog but the frog part ability eludes me now so plain blown up square it is.

    Nice cookie/biscuit (that’s what the rest of the world calls them ;) ) segue ma’am! I have the problem that I am now officially “one of those crazy vegans”. I never thought that I would be but it snuck up on me one day and suddenly I found myself fermenting strange unguents on my kitchen counter, eating more beans than I could count (a lot if you are interested) and having to find strange ingredients to fill in for the old faithfuls like eggs and honey. I use date paste for my sweetener now and even though Steve was kind and took pity on my sugar wasteland and bought me some heinously expensive coconut sugar I don’t like how it tastes (don’t tell him!) sort of like burnt coconut…not something I lay awake at night fantasising about!

    Vegan chockie eh? I am up for that! No powdered sugar though (remember the “crazy”? ;) ). The biscuits are easy to make vegan but aren’t the same without butter. Butter makes EVERYTHING better…I know it does and that’s why I only buy butter for Steve. He used to be a margarine man but I put the lid on that quick smart “Margarine is a chemistry experiment…you wouldn’t swill the contents of a Bunsen burner now would you sir? WOULD YOU???!!!” ;)

    I love messing about in the kitchen and learned that you can make bread using only kefir and flour…how cool is that? No more chained to the yeasty yolk for narf7! (Yeah… I know…”CRAZY”!!! ;) )

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      One day I will probably be as “crazy” as you and be vegan and fermenting things and not eating empty non-whole grain carbs, etc. But for now I do eat butter, and processed, sparkling white sugar (not ALL the time)…I LOVE coconut. So the burnt coconut doesn’t sound too bad to me.

      1. narf77

        I fear you have fallen prey to the old (“oh no…a vegan is reading my blog posts…must make excuses for my “bad” eating habits post haste!”…) I turned vegan for very selfish reasons (at first). I couldn’t eat meat when I was pregnant with my last daughter…it just made me feel sick to look at it (and I LOVED meat) so I just stopped eating it and it was the very first pregnancy where I actually lost weight (I was pretty huge at the time so it wasn’t bad to lose a bit ;) ). I decided that I was onto something! I went vego and still ate dairy and eggs but felt a bit healthier and then about 15 years ago (my daughter is 23 now) I started to delve into health etc. and decided that being vegan was a good idea. I get all of the “you are SUCH a good person not eating the fluffy baa-lambs and the moo cows and the pretty feathery chookies…” but in all honesty I once ate all of them (and some of their lesser known meaty mates) with great gusto. I tend to do everything I do with great gusto and my problem was that food had become my nemesis rather than my dear old companion. I went vegan, I learned to eat some strange foments and here I am today feeling much better than I did when I was younger, I can actually jump and headband and dance around the kitchen like a loon (I know I can, I did it yesterday when listening to “The Lumberjack Song” by Jackyl (LOVE that song :) ). I cringe when people start to say things like non-whole grain carbs because in my day I could polish off 2 loaves of fluffy white bread and half a pound of butter before lunch. I am ever the gourmand and although my meals are uber healthy now I eat a huge amount and I feel a bit fraudulent because the main reason for all of this healthy tucker is a desire to remain “vibrant” (for want of a better word) for longer. If I wasn’t a clever little magpie who was well aware of her mortality and had a desire to be able to keep leaping around her kitchen at random intervals I would be up to my (no doubt several…) chins in buttery, white breaded, sugary goodness and loving every single minute of it. Truth be told hot chips (fries) make me drool to today. I ADORE fries but took spuds off the menu because they weren’t doing me any favours in the leaping around the kitchen stakes. It’s all swings and roundabouts and I gave up most food for lent so that I could still jump on that roundabout and have a great time :). No more having to feel like you need to abrogate your food sins because there aren’t any. The only people that I have problems with are Anthony Bordain and Jeremy Clarkson who are in the same “eat everything ” club and who eat as many endangered animals as they can just BECAUSE they can. Some people are just born morons…I don’t like them. Everyone else narf7 loves :)

      2. Spy Garden Post author

        LOL I was vegetarian from age 16-19. I was vegan for about 8 months at age 26. I actually don’t really care about the fluffy animal part (Ok i sort of do, but that is not the main reason), but mostly think that the “perfect, ideal healthy diet” that will make you leaping around the garden, full of energy and vibrance is a vegan diet. I am fortunate to be young(ish),…I’m 31, and fairly thin, with no real health problems. Hence the lack of motivation to stick to the “ideal” diet, no matter how much I know it is the best. But I know that as I age it will become more important to eat only “actual” food so I do my best to eat like that 75% of the time. Plus obviously I do like my veggies! When I post recipes that involve something other than what I consider to be “ideal” its not just for my vegan readers that I make remarks, but to all types of eaters, making sure I express that I don’t advocate the processed crap. sometimes its just really pretty though and food has other vaIues…social, cultural,artistic…that currently in my life sometimes trump the “ultimate nutrition”. So while white processed sugar or the occasional burger ARE technically nutritive sins…sometimes these choices have other values. I’m not afraid of getting chastised by vegans though, I promise, just trying to express a reflection on the foods I post. Though I guess I do make comments about whole grains and vegan options to make sure no one thinks I’m in the “eat everything” club LOL.

      3. narf77

        My turn to lol ;) I guess I was just safeguarding and making sure you didn’t think that I was one of “those” kinds of vegan who would demand that you self flagellate if you walked past a milk fridge. The odd burger won’t hurt anyone…neither will the odd bit of plastic wrap or a handful of dirt or a chomp on a stick (so long as it’s not an oleander stick that is! ;) )…our bodies are designed to put up with a bit of strange stuff and most of the time they sort themselves out after we attempt to stretch them or shrink them in unusual ways. My daughter (the one that forced me to be a vegetarian ;) ) was vegan for 2 years not so long back but when we moved out and left her and her big sister (25) together her big sister waved things under her nose and tempted her back to the “dark side” ;). Like with everything, its their choice what they want to do with their lives. I am here to drop in once in a while and tut at the floor (if I can still see it) and drive them around a bit and have fun with them. That’s what mum’s do…right?….??? ;)

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