78. Leaves and Words

I began raking today. We live on an acre, about a quarter which is wooded. An eighth is the house. An eighth is the garden. So it’s really only half an acre to rake. I like raking.

“Nobody likes raking.” That’s what my husband just said reading over my shoulder.

BAHHAhhahaa I really do! It’s an instant gratification thing. When you begin the ground is a brown and orange textured carpet.

DSC_1676 (500x332)

Immediately stripes of green appear and suddenly I am the Robert Smithson of gardening; creating images of green on the earth that evolve with each sweep of the rake. Farfetched?

photo (500x358)Perhaps. But I’m not really joking. I do like raking. And for the record Mr. Spy likes splitting wood. And who likes doing that?

Baby likes raking too!

Baby likes raking too!

Gusty wind on a warm(ish) fall day: raking is pretty much the ideal activity for this sort of weather. So rake I did (while Mr. Spy split wood).

A leaf angel

A leaf angel

I’m not really eleven feet tall, I shaped the figure by pushing the leaves with my foot. Then I felt that was cheating. But I had just showered and had wet hair so I didn’t really want to lie in the leaves. Then I figured that was a poor excuse. So I made a real leaf angel. But the puppy messed it up before I could take a photo of the real version. Wow great story! Jeez. I wasn’t going to write about raking at all today. I am writing 100 posts in 100 days, 300-1000 words each. For today’s post I was just going to think of a list of 300 words that I liked. Not necessarily the meanings but how they sound. I figured it would be an easy, quick post. However, when I got to 31 words I realized 300 is a lot. To press on I felt I would need to trawl my favorite texts (Aristotle, Shakespeare, etc.) for inspiration…which would sort of defeat the “easy, quick post” objective. Wow, great story! Jeez. Can you tell I am tiring of posting every day?

Here’s the list of words. I do like the meaning of some, but they were all chosen chiefly for their sound.

Obelisk ● Glow ● Loathe ● Wretched ● Toast ● Judicious ● Acerbic ● Ironic ● Ridiculous ● Globe ● Click ● Skip ● Maverick ● Iconoclast ● Goad ● Spur ● Mostly ● Recalcitrant ● Angle ● Ire ● Sort ● Becloud● Sabbatical ● Complex ● Jam ● Form ● Mold ● Sculpt ● Stare● Tackle

And the best for last:

Syntax: Apparently what is required for me to supply 300+ (444!) words.


noun \ˈsin-ˌtaks\

linguistics : the way in which words are put together to form phrases, clauses, or sentences


15 thoughts on “78. Leaves and Words

  1. wrygrass.com

    I thought my husband was the only person in the world who liked raking! I hate raking but love push-mowing the grass – go figure. Lovely photos. Leaves were on my mind as well this weekend.

  2. narf77

    Your husband is wrong. I LOVE raking. You start in one corner and you “rake” with your physical body. Your physical body has just undergone what happens when those huge automatic steering tractors that plough or harvest do. They go on automatic pilot and their GPS keeps them moving along doing what they are supposed to be doing where the driver sits reading the paper unless the machine goes haywire and he has to react…after reading page 3…My mind goes AWOL when I rake. I am delighted with a large area to rake as I get lots of time inside my mind without interruptions as who wants to come near me when I am raking…I might make THEM rake! I get exercise AND “me” thinking time bonus! Then add those leaves to a pile and compost them and get gorgeous leaf mould BONUS! We rakers are life’s natural winners :)

    Not 11 feet tall? Sigh… were their leeches? Toast is the best word in your collective of lovely words. Toast should always be followed by “butter” though otherwise it loses its unctuous smooth comforting mental status.

    Syntax: a religious tithe implemented to keep the peasants from learning to read or write and question the state (of which the “religious leaders” seemed to be most desirous of taking over at the time). Syntax “sin tax” didn’t work. We peasants will ALWAYS find a way of rising up and throwing off the shackles of oppression…lucky we remembered not to slaughter ALL of those priests in one fell swoop or we wouldn’t have had anyone to teach us the vernacular now would we? Goes to show that peasants might be uneducated but they are nevertheless clever sods ;)

    By the way…I don’t think I will follow in your, or Mr 23Thorns footsteps with writing 100 posts in 100 days any time soon. Aside from being hideously busy at the moment it appears to have had the opposite result with both of you. Rather than inciting a rising flow of useful letters that careen from your fingertips to do your collective bidding you both seem to have lost the urge to write…Mr23 Thorns appears to have gone into literary hiding and I would hate for you to do the same. Methinks enforced writing is actually bad for your muses…sort of like boot camp for their sensibilities and me-also-thinks that they don’t like it at ALL! Maybe our muses are muses because they could be bothered with all of that mental gymnastics…that’s OUR business not theirs and maybe when we force the creative need onto them they evacuate in droves. I might be a slave to my muses but I quite like them. I might just abstain from the forced creative writing. Cheers for being my example :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yeah I love raking and probably could’ve went on and gotten all poetic about it. I forgot about that history of the word syntax. Quite fitting for the post I think. I do think I have written some funny things and explored topics that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t “force” myself to write. But I wish I had set the goal of 3-5 essays PER WEEK. Which would’ve eliminated the “getting sick of it” syndrome. I won’t stop posting when its over. I will probably go back to 3-7 posts per weeks and some of those posts may just be photos with witty captions beneath, which I think is perfectly fine (and will suit my muses just fine as well!)

      1. narf77

        Not entirely sure my mock-up of “syntax = sin + tax” is quite kosher but hey, any port in a storm when you are trying to be clever eh? ;). Glad this hasn’t put you off writing as you have a gift and your posts are full of interesting things. That, in and of itself, is going to get you repeat readers and followers. The rest is just so much hard work. If it isn’t fun any more, it isn’t worth it. Glad to hear you are factoring musescent happiness. They are arty and fickle and spend most of their time squabbling amongst themselves to be heard but MAN would I miss mine if they decided to go shtum!

      2. Spy Garden Post author

        HAHAH ok NO that is not kosher. But yeah, clever. I swear I thought I remember hearing something like that story. But I looked it up and really it is Greek, the parts broken down mean ordering/arrangement/together. haha

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Not yet! I didn’t really rake any piles, just raked the leaves in the garden (into the garden plots). But there’s still A LOT of leaves to go in the rest of the yard. So there will definitely be jumping into piles of leaves soon!


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