71. Neologisms, Euphemisms and Other Words

Neologisms are new words. I’m now consulting Aristotle in matters of composing prose (on baby’s recommendation) and he writes:

A new coinage is a word used by the poet but by no one else. (Aristotle, The Poetics)

These are of few words we’ve coined as of late:

Overcore: Coined by the Spy, a combination of overkill and hardcore. In a conversation:

Me, “We ought to build a large catenary arch in the garden. Maybe made out of chicken wire and dirt. So we can grow things in it. Thyme or something.”

The Spy, “That would be overcore.”

Perusalatory: Yes, Narf, this SHOULD be a word…ah, how it rolls off the tongue. In a sentence: “I’m going to go have a perusalatory look around the garden, care to join me?”

Glogging: blogging about gardening. Because I sort of despise the word “blogging”. Glog is the noun. Glardening/glarden are other options.

Mogs: blogs about momdom. Topics frequently involve lack of sleep, boogers and barf. Three of my favorites are Talie, Jane and Emily.

Fogs: blogs about food. Insert obvious joke about flatulence here. Because they’re about food. Get it? HAHaha

Neoidiom: An idiom is a colloquialism or common saying. Such as “a piece of cake” or “a drop in the bucket”. A neoidiom isn’t common or well-known because you just made it up. Technically, a neologism can refer to a newly coined word OR phrase, but in the interest of making up more words, neoidiom is born.

Here are a few of our neoidioms:

It’s my squirrel the world: Coined, and used often, by baby.

Me, “What does that mean?”

Baby, “I don’t know.”

Me, “Well what IS the squirrel the world?”

Baby, “It’s my squirrel all the time.”

Stockpiling your relaxation: My husband coined this one.

Me, “I’m doing nothing today since I’ll be busy tomorrow.”

Him, “So you’re stockpiling your relaxation?” Yes, yes I am. This one is both a neodium AND a euphemism for procrastination.

A euphemism is a more mild and tasteful way of expressing something more bluntly.

Good Dog: usually always a euphemism for Dexie, our puppy. Was simply a true statement for Maddie.

The leaves are piling up in the yard and soon we’ll be raking piles and jumping in. I thought I’d take a persulatory ramble through leafy pictures of yore and share. Even though they don’t have much to do with the points of this post…Enjoy!

Before the leaves fall (2010, you can barely see the garden, it was so much smaller then!)

Before the leaves fall (2010, you can barely see the garden, it was so much smaller then!)

Also in 2010:





The Spy and I

The Spy and I



Ready for more

Ready for more



2012...Can you spy the Spy?

2012…Can you spy the Spy?

Spy Garden Fall 2012

Spy Garden Fall 2012

5 thoughts on “71. Neologisms, Euphemisms and Other Words

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  3. narf77

    Damned RIGHT it should be a word! Where 2 or more “gloggers” agree, it shall be so! Note, Glög (albeit with those 2 dots above the o) is also good. Especially good when you are gardening out in the cold. 3 cups of Glög and who CARES about the cold…time to strip down to buff and dance around the garden with another cup of Glög (note, when you wake up the next morning frozen to a garden hose with a headache from hell you might want to adjust your next bout of Glogging accordingly…).

    I HATE mogs. I hate them with a passion because most mogs are self-indulgent arenas for women with Münchausen syndrome by proxy who are prone to entering their poor children in beauty contests. I would add June, the mum from Honey Boo-Boo to your list of mogs. I don’t even think that she HAS a mum blog but she should. June rocks! Obviously in my hatred of Mogs I exclude the sterling mogs that you have listed.

    I would change “Fog” to “Flog” because after the food blogger has been writing for about a month they suddenly feel the need to sell out to any and every company that produces grocery items of any kind resulting in followers leaving in their droves.

    It’s too early to tax my brain with making up neoidioms. I am still rolling “idiom” around inside my tired head. I dare say at about 10am several neoidioms will erupt like Krakatoa but most of them will be about Earl and none of them will be printable.

    I am official “jel” of your gorgeous garden. If I had all of those leaves I would spend hours each and every day lying on the ground making leaf angels.


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