Living the Good Life

I tried to get the Spy (he’s eight) to write this post.

I asked him, “What should I write about today?”


Me: “Thin Lizzy is better than Journey, they’re the greatest band ever.”

“No, Led Zeppelin is the greatest band. Then Journey, THEN Thin Lizzy.”

Me: “I’m trying to be educational. I need some kind of how-to type topic.”

“Ok…How about ‘How to live a good life.’?”

Me: “Sure! And that would entail…”

“How not to live in a neighborhood where you can’t have a garden or a fire pit.”

Me: “Some people like living in neighborhoods.”

“Well, if you don’t care about a fire pit or a garden then you suck.”

Me: “Well, it’s not nice to insult people.”

“It’s not an insult, it’s helping them realize how to live a good life.”

I do agree that it is absolutely ridiculous that neighborhood associations make rules against gardens and fire pits . Cars up on blocks? Rusty tin-roofed sheds? Chain-link fences? I understand regulations against these type of eye sores. But a vegetable garden? Even if it is just a 10’ x 10’ square of dirt, that is just not an eyesore. And a fire pit?

This is NOT an eyesore.

This is NOT an eyesore.

And this is a sight for sore eyes.

And this is a sight for sore eyes.

Our deer fence is not the most attractive thing. I do wish it could be fence-less garden, but the deer are voracious.  I refuse to believe my fence could negatively affect the neighbor’s property values. I mean, even Martha Stewart has a deer fence (around the perimeter of her entire property) AND a fence around her vegetable garden.

Alas, many neighborhoods have rules against gardens and fire pits. So I get why the Spy struggles in understanding the logic of such silly rules.

But, even if there are rules against an in-ground garden where you live, you can still garden.

In pots.

In pots.

Just buy regular potting soil. Put it in a pot. Put some seeds in and water. It’s not rocket science.

Even a baby can do it!

Even a baby can do it!

A great thing to grow in a container is lettuce or spinach. The best spinach I ever grew was in big pots.

As for the firepit…I don’t think I can advise you in building a fire on a deck or a porch or a terrace (if you live in a yardless home). But if you do have a yard, dig a hole. Put rocks around it. Burn wood. Roast marshmallows. It’s very enjoyable.

I guess “How to Live a Good Life” is a pretty ambitious topic for an evening when I have no desire to write much of anything.

But I’ll give it a go…

Finding a few things to enjoy in your leisure time that involve being outdoors is the secret to living a good life. Being creative and expressive in such pursuits is a definite bonus. Gardening, hiking, unicycling, rock-collecting, playing games…whatever you like; just being in nature helps you connect to God’s wonderful creation!

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22

8 thoughts on “Living the Good Life

  1. narf77

    No regulations here but we do live out in “the sticks” 50km away from the city which basically means no self respecting city official would get their patent leather shoes dirty to have to come out here and check ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! Did you notice all the gardening going on in Walking Dead???!! My “Gardening in a Zombie Apocalypse” post was “dead” on!!! haha And there was a commercial for some computer game to design your own anti-zombie vehicle and they looked EXACTLY like my son’s zombie “vehicle” drawings (also in the post). HAhahah we were cracking up noticing all that while watching the show.

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      In A LOT of neighborhoods around here. Some subdivisions have very strict rules about landscaping. It is crazy. I mean, I think you could probably get around some of the rules by growing tomato plants/etc in your “landscaping” but still.

      1. Eliza Waters

        Sad, but true. I’m just thankful that I live where there are no restrictions like that (I wouldn’t be able to). I agree with the Spy, life would be a whole lot less fun without gardens and firepits!

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