44. Music Appreciation

When I was a freshman in college Nabster came out and I downloaded several hundred songs. Many of those songs were live versions of “new, up and coming” artists that someone told me were “cool” and the songs were many, many things, but no one would accuse these songs of being catchy.

Because apparently making a catchy tune does not make you cool. Wholesome, family-friendly and upbeat also severely endanger coolness in music world.

Just ask these guys:

And come on Mmm Bopp is so HAPPY! Those boys are adorable.

And come on Mmm Bopp is so HAPPY! Those boys are adorable.

But this post is not about adorably wholesome kids. It is about music.

My number one favorite band on earth is Thin Lizzy. They made the best songs and are arguably the most underrated band of all time. Music is not my strong suit. I sing (quite badly) along to the radio and at church and I learned to play the right hand side of “Once in Royal David’s City” on the keyboard via youtube a few Christmases ago because I really like that song. Especially this version of that song. And that pretty much sums up my musical talents.

I was made in Louisiana. Brittany Spears was born in Louisiana. I was born in 1982, Brit 1981. We both have two kids. If paparazzi were documenting every trip I ever took to a gas station I guarantee they would’ve snapped a shot of me looking something like her. I mean, come on, you’ve never worn sweatpants in public? Grungy flip-flops? If I was worth as much money as Brittany and had people following me around taking pictures of me and my kids I would probably shave my head and try to attack someone with an umbrella.

So basically, I can relate.

And really, who can’t relate to these lyrics:

Wo uh oh oh oh oh Ow woaaaahhhh  oh

Wahoh uh uh uh oh oh woahh ohhh

And this type of music is useful in many ways. I do something I like to call Dance Party Clean-Up. Turn the music up loud and you clean up the house. While dancing around. Brittany music is pretty much perfect for this. So is Ke$ha. In my appreciation for Ke$ha I’ve actually considered changing this blog’s name to $py Garden. HahhahHAHahhahaha Ok, clearly I am joking. But, this song IS catchy. And another perfect tune for Dance Party Clean-Up.

But this post is supposed to be about music. And I do realize that technically Brit and Ke$h are classified under “awful” and not “musicians” so lets get back to an undisputedly amazing musician:

Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott is Spy Garden’s Official Favorite Musician
So listen to a few Thin Lizzy songs (Cowboy Song, Whiskey in the Jar, Randolph’s Tango are a few of my faves) or at least read the lyrics. It’s the kind of music that can be actively listened to. Van Morrison or Stan Getz makes great background noise at a dinner party. But listening to Thin Lizzy is its own special activity. We call it “Rocking Out” and is one of the “Spy’s” favorite things to do on a Saturday night.

Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott

It’s just amazing to me that there is a new TV show coming out called “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish” and people will watch it. And people know every word to “Ice, Ice Baby” but barely anyone has heard of Phil Lynott. Of course, he is dead so it would be difficult for him to appear on bad reality television. But you get my point.

8 thoughts on “44. Music Appreciation

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  2. narf77

    Glad to see a fellow Thin Lizzy fan. Much underrated and cutting edge for their time. A black lead singer in Ireland?! It would have taken a lot of guts to rise to the top but then cream can’t help but rise to the top can it? Great music and many of todays best bands credit Thin Lizzy with being their creative muses. Great post…one more and you go into my RSS Feed Reader :)

      1. narf77

        Steve was a guitar teacher in a past life and his dad used to be good friends with Ringo Star (Steve is from Liverpool) so Thin Lizzy were a great favourite of both Steve and his dad :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      “A Song for While I’m Away”, “Showdown”, “Dancin in the Moonlight”. SO MANY GOOD SONGS!!! “Brought Down” is another one of my absolute faves.


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