40. Progress Report IV

Finally, there has been a jump in my stats! I am writing 100 posts in 100 days, with the goal being 100 views per day. I’ve been averaging about 20 views per day and I am now averaging 37 views! Truth be told, this has nothing to do with my writing style or choice of topics, but is mostly because I posted the link to a few recent posts on my husband’s facebook. I don’t do facebook (or Face-Plant as I like to refer to it). But maybe if I did I would reach my goal? A lot faster? Or twitter? Does Spy Garden need a twitter? Good grief, these questions exhaust me. In much more important news, tomorrow, the “Spy”, our son, the Namer of this blog, turns eight years old.

It was pretty fun for him to see this picture of his presents but not know where they are (they’re hidden).

What’s inside? I’m afraid that’s top secret!

What’s inside? I’m afraid that’s top secret!

So, 60 more posts to go? What will they entail? In October…paw paws, hedgeapples, and buckeyes. I’d like to do a post on each. Music. Fashion. Maybe some more thoughts on mogging. But what I really have been reflecting on in relation to our little website is the organization of spygarden. And by “organization” I mean “lack of organization”. I’d like more tabs on the top header. One for art, one for plants, one for food and maybe one for miscellaneous? It’s sorely needed. But its not happening for 60 more days MINIMUM. For now, I rely on people to click on “Archives” and then click on a post description they find interesting. “A Green Thumb and an Apocalypse Hat”? COME ON PEOPLE YOU NEED TO READ EVERY WORD!

Or maybe not. But I can tell you tomorrow’s post is going to be about a distinctive birthday jubilee.

For a first baseman who got to catch tonight.

For a first baseman who got to catch tonight.

The Spy’s birthday requests:

Spider-shaped pancakes (no doubt inspired by these pancakes)

Pumpkin pie

Brownies instead of cake. Which I’ve interpreted as a CAKE MADE OF BROWNIES. NOM NOM NOM

There will also be cocktail shrimp and bacon.

He’s having a few friends over, so there may be more hiking pictures to come, as well as back yard rugby, kill the clown, and burn anything that is not alive. Just kidding we will not kill a clown. Clowns have just lost their luster ever since John Wayne Gacy.

But I’m veering into non-PG territory here and I have a brownie cake to make.

Until tomorrow!

DSC_8687 (335x500)

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