20. Progress Report II

I am one-fifth of the way into writing 100 essays in 100 days. Really it is writing 300-1000 words per day because most of the posts don’t truly qualify as essays.

For this progress report I will focus on how I am circumventing the original rules I set forth. How to Paint Part One and Part Two was broken in to two posts so I could get two days out of it. Also, a few times I have scheduled a post to be published the following day. In fact, this very post has been scheduled! If I know I will not get a chance to write, I just write it the day before and schedule it to “go live” the next day at any time I choose. This is sort of sneaky but since I make the rules in this 100/100 it is not actually “cheating”. Plus, I find that you can pick up some new readers when you post at a different time of day than when you actually finished writing it. Especially if you’ve been posting at the same time each day.

Due to the laws of procrastination I have been usually posting at 10PM every day. Knowing I had made a commitment to writing an essay 300-1000 words per day I wait until 9PM to start. Which is funny because spy garden blog glog used to be the thing I did to procrastinate on other things.

Such as laundry.

This is why my hobbies should not become my actual job. If I HAD to write, garden or paint I fear these things could lose their luster. I used to just post whenever I felt like it and from the time of sitting down to the computer to hitting “Publish” used to average fifteen minutes. Maybe an hour at most.

Because I used to only write captions, such as:

Serpente di Sicilia Edible Gourd

Serpente di Sicilia Edible Gourd

Delice de la Table Melon seeds

Delice de la Table Melon seeds

Violet de Provence Artichoke Seed

Violet de Provence Artichoke Seed

Now it takes an hour MINIMUM. Because I want to make sure that among the 300-1000 words I didn’t typo (I’m using typo here as a verb): “there”, “they’re”, “their” or “you’re” and “your”. Because I was an English major and that sort of thing drives me nuts. So anyways… paying attention to grammar and syntax and trying to come up with witty snippits o life takes an hour of mostly uninterrupted silence.

Mostly uninterrupted silence only comes at 9PM, after the kids are bathed and asleep. So that is when I have usually started each essay pseudo-essay. To further complicate the essay word writing, another law comes in to play. The law of “I’m a teepy teeper.” I must be in bed by 10. So one hour is not really enough time to write a proper essay and thus I write 300-100 words.

So…do I think doing this 100/100 is actually increasing my readership? 10 days ago I had 244 followers, now I have 261! But before I started this I normally gained a follower about every time I published a new post, so there’s no real change, I’m just speeding the process up a bit. Still averaging around 20 views a day (My goal is 100 views per day).

I’ve also learned there are two sorts of bloggers: people who can do (essentially) nothing all day and then write something hilariously funny about it (The Bloggess is a great example of this type). The other variety are the people who have to do an activity or adventure of some sort and then write about it. I have learned that I am the activity type person and it is nearly impossible for me to write something unless I have actually done something. Or made something. From  scratch. And taken pictures of it. Before starting this 100/100 I VERY RARELY used a picture that was not my own. If I needed a picture of a curtain, I made a curtain. And then took a picture of it.

This is my kitchen curtain. I made it!

This is my kitchen curtain. I made it!

This approach to blogging is extremely time-consuming to say the least.

To complicate the matter further, I can only take photographs in natural light. This is because I know absolutely nothing about photography. I have a nice camera (a Nikon) but I can’t use the flash or take pictures indoors because they always turn out weirdly yellow and hideous unless daylight is streaming into the interior. So this means if I am posting between 9-10PM and need a picture of something, it is TOO LATE!

So since the 100/100 I have broken my only-use-my-own-photos rule several times. I’ve referenced the photos properly if it has been a painting by an artist (as in the Bread and Water painting in this post) or a still from Alice in Wonderland (because Disney is scary and I don’t want them coming after me!). But a picture of a pile of cheap plastic paintbrushes? I didn’t properly link back to amazon.com where people could potentially click and buy those brushes. Because spy garden website is supposed to be somewhat useful and educational not life-ruining.

These should be banned from the planet.

Because NO ONE should ever use these paintbrushes. (Here’s why)

The consequences of not properly referencing where a picture came from are really not so bad. Someone might send you a message to please take it down or post a link. It’s not APA format. It’s a glog.

So back to how I am producing my (non)essays…

Jotting down random notes and then saving them in Microsoft word. Sentence fragments, ideas, a few paragraphs. Saved in different documents like an insurance policy for writers block or lack of time.

So you may be wondering: What do I have to look forward to in the next 80 days?

Here are a few subjects of the documents (containing said sentence fragments) that may one day be turned into essays 300-1000 word glog posts:

Spy Garden thoughts on Mogs (that is “Mom Blogs”) Here are some examples of mogs.

How to Write a Sonnet (and why you would want to)

Music Appreciation (why Thin Lizzy is the greatest band ever)

How to Crochet a Hat

How to French Braid

These last few would require a photographer, other than myself, to participate in the activity/adventure stage of blog posting and because I am a control freak this may not be feasible. UNLESS I learn how to operate my camera with my feet.

Until tomorrow,

Spy Garden

5 thoughts on “20. Progress Report II

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  2. The Geeky Gardener

    Love this! I remember setting myself a goal of posting a photogallery each week on what was going on in my garden (Wordless Wednesday). But I started it in our southern hemisphere winter. Started out all enthusiastic but ran out of ‘new’ stuff to photograph by week 6 or 7. Gardens do what gardens do over winter – they take a break. So, what did I do? Went out and bought some seedlings to plant JUST SO I HAD SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT! That’s when I knew that the blog was taking over my life. Anyway, back to your entry. I’m looking forward to a post on how to crochet Thin Lizzy or how to French braid a sonnet.


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