8. Pictures I Didn’t Take

Even though I take a fair amount of pictures (probably at least 30 a day), I sometimes think of the pictures I didn’t take. On Monday I saw a hefty spider spinning an insect round and round in its web. The lighting was perfect and the image would’ve had the perfect green background. I enjoyed watching the spider in action and did not run inside to get the camera. Today I thought of the image that never was and went out to look for the web. It was gone (along with the spider) but I did see this one:

Not nearly as exciting as the picture I didn't take

Not nearly as exciting as the picture I didn’t take

I was out and about this evening. I came home and since I hadn’t written essay #8 (of 100 essays in 100 days) I sat down to choose a topic and nothing immediately came to mind. I decided to just see what was on the camera (from what I took earlier this morning) and make up something to go with the images.

But 300-1000 words to go with this?

But 300-1000 words to go with this?

I like the composition of the photo. It is the shadow of a mimosa tree sapling cast on a tree stump. I’m not really one for speculating on themes, symbols and secret meanings of images. I like to just enjoy them for what they are. Perhaps this is because I had to write lengthy (one was 30 pages!) papers on a single painting as an undergraduate art history major. I sometimes feel all the poking and prodding and speculating on an image (be it photo or painting) can undermine a simple enjoyment of it. But I digress…

There are loads of lemon cucumbers on the vine and hanging picturesquely on the obelisk. But it has been windy. A hot, late-summer wind keeps blowing over the obelisk. So I stand it up and forget about snapping a shot of the yellow cukes. They’ve also stretched up on to the sorghum and they look really cool hanging between the stalks. Another picture I didn’t take.

The rainbow Swiss chard is still vibrant and in a nice shady area of the garden (where I am not being blinded and seared by the extreme heat we’ve had this week) so it is a picture I did take:

And have taken this picture before. I probably have some version of this photo of the swiss chard on at least a dozen posts!

And I have taken this picture before. I probably have some version of this photo of the Swiss chard on at least a dozen posts!

This little path (its only a few feet long) leads to our neighbor’s grassy field and is well-worn because the kids love frolicking in that field:

DSC_6453 (394x500)

I have often thought I would take a picture of it and I finally did today. But do not feel it captures what I see. So there’s still a picture I didn’t take.

And that was all the (in-focus!) pictures I took today. But clicking forward on the memory card file: I found pictures I didn’t take! My husband had snapped some shots of the kids while I was out:

Wild sun-lit hair!

Wild sun-lit hair!

Sharing a white acorn squash with Dexie

Sharing a white acorn squash with Dexie

Dexie learning to fling produce around the yard.

Dexie learning to fling produce around the yard.

(Flinging produce around the yard is a family tradition!) There was one image of a tree trunk. When I asked what the subject was I was met with exclamations of “The biggest wasp ever! It was a cicada killer! We looked it up on the internet! It was huge! It was like it was taking down a helicopter (the wasp taking down the cicada)! But it flew away before I could take a picture!”

I enjoy taking pictures of things, especially motionless plants which are easy subjects! The hummingbirds, spinning spiders, sprinting children, insects in flight and countless other sights can be entirely appreciated without photographic proof.  So take time to enjoy the pictures you didn’t take!

4 thoughts on “8. Pictures I Didn’t Take

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  2. gardenengineer

    Great concept. I often wish that I had some way to store in and, later, download from my brain images I see throughout the course of a day but cannot actually photograph because either I do not have my camera with me or, more often, because the sight disappears before I can shoot it. In fact, I would say that I have probably not taken ten times as many pictures as I have taken.

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