6. Baseball

The spy plays baseball on a little league team and loves it. Even though baseball is a spring sport, there is also “fall ball” in the league he plays for.

First game of Fall Ball! It may be "fall" but it was hot!

First game of Fall Ball! It may be “fall” but it was hot!

St. Louis is a baseball town. Pretty much every gas station, grocery store or really any type of store carries Cardinal’s gear. I don’t really follow baseball, know the stats or all of the players, but it is impossible to live in St. Louis and not feel the extreme baseball love. The Cardinal’s stadium is truly a great place. Even if you ask baby spy, “What’s your favorite game?” She will reply,



St. Louisans take their baseball seriously and that applies to little league. Tryouts for six-year olds are not uncommon. This may seem like a radically wild notion but I adhere to the philosophy that sports are meant to be fun. Learning to do something well and winning can be very fun, but there should be a deeper appreciation of the sport of it all.

The spy getting ready to bat

The spy getting ready to bat



The spy making a play at first base

The spy making a play at first base

Not everyone agrees with the fun priority and here are some silly slogans I made up to illustrate some varying perspectives on little league:

Spending more money will make your child better at baseball.

Fun is our #8 priority.

90 days of spring. 45 little league games.

Little League is the only thing that matters in life.

Playing catch shouldn’t be free.

Train harder and feel the pressure. There is a 0.3% chance your child will get a baseball college scholarship.

And my personal favorite:

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.

HAHAhahhahaha. But to each their own. Fierce competition and lengthy and frequent practicing certainly has a place for some kids, we would just prefer that these things did not occur until at least age twelve. And even then, academics come first and if the sport of choice loses its fun luster, what is the point? Fun luster? Yes, let me illustrate:



Fortunately, the spy is on a wonderful little league team, where the coaches encourage and teach the kids how to play baseball in the name of fun. It is a game, after all!

Good game!

Good game!

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