1. Spy Garden Paint

This post is numbered “one” as the first of 100 essays. Spy Garden will write 100 essays in 100 days trying to get 100 views per day. 30 minutes, 300-1000 words are the parameters. It is just for fun, and obviously this first one is not so much “essay” as silly sales pitch for a yet-to-be-created garden invention hahahahah enjoy:

Gardening as Art: Garden Paint Invention!

Gardening is art because it requires materials like shovels (kind of like brushes) and a very large canvas (the ground).

Blank Canvas February 22, 2013

Blank Canvas February 22, 2013

The same "canvas" July 13, 2013; a garden southwest Florida habitat!

The same “canvas” July 13, 2013; a garden southwest Florida habitat!

Two snook, a Spanish mackerel, an angelfish and a red snapper!

It is going to be further proven that gardening is art once I unveil an amazing invention: Spy Garden Paint:

3344555 (6) (700x660)Spy Garden Paint is a mix of: Aloe vera plant, garlic, all sorts of herbs and spices (frankincense, myrrh, etc.), a little natural soap and water. The purpose is like mulch except without creating a cozy home to insulate garden pests (squash bugs). Just slather Spy Garden Paint on the soil and it helps seal in the moisture and not allow the top soil to blow away if it gets windy or dry.

Instead of painting roses red, we will be painting the dirt dark brown!

Instead of painting roses red, we will be painting the dirt dark brown!

Plus you don’t have to get a truckload of mulch from Home Depot or wherever not knowing: Are there pesticides or chemicals in this cedar/other bark mulch? Is it going to create a winter haven for potato beetles, cutworms, squashbugs, etc.? Just buy seven buckets of fragrant Spy Garden Paint. Dump it on the dirt or use (another awesome invention):

Garden Paintbrush aka A Shovel

Garden Paintbrush aka A Shovel

Like a shovel and a paintbrush combined, the Spy Garden Paintbrush is, in fact, a shovel. It has an acrylic paintbrush design on the metal face hahaha! “Bad” bugs aren’t too fond of garlic and cinnamon (and the other special chemical-free ingredients in the paint) but the real bonus to Spy Garden paint is it makes the dirt look awesome!

3344555 (5) (472x700)



Really makes your plants stand out!

If you have ever seen this Spy Garden website before you know that even though we grow vegetables, Spy Garden is 99% art. The fresh produce is an obvious benefit to the art form, but mostly we like to take pictures and learn about the different types of plants. And we love to save the seeds of the things we grow. Spy Garden paint really makes the plants and pictures stand out and keeps “bad” pests away.

Spy Garden paint comes in seeded shades like Amaranth (Spy Garden’s favorite). The seedless (dark brown dirt color) is for when your dirt isn’t perfectly dark. Don’t mulch, just paint your dirt a glossy brown/almost-black shade and seal in the moisture!

Use it in planters! Use it in garden beds! Spy Garden Paint: Coming soon to a greenhouse near you!

Also we have a neologism of the day it is: Glardening. I’m glogging and gardening at the same time, I’m glardening. You heard it here first!

source of Alice in Wonderland picture: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://24.media.tumblr.com/f5431f21750ce27400e6bc1ed6acdabe/tumblr_ml0rx1UeTi1s4zjvuo1_500.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/painting-the-roses-red&h=313&w=500&sz=468&tbnid=7WtGVhaUi-M3SM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=144&zoom=1&usg=__cGr0KvjRu_zqIn2jNxDiVuI1T7A=&docid=R7knSRTRuyfOBM&sa=X&ei=8RcVUtTMLIat2QWCuoDYAw&ved=0CDgQ9QEwAw&dur=1134

6 thoughts on “1. Spy Garden Paint

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  2. Mominthegarden

    O.K., so I get it now! I never have time to go and read the blogs that I follow, and I don’t follow that many! But I’ve finally gotten around to seeing why the 100/100. Good luck with your challenge! I’m a bit frustrated myself with getting followers. Gee whiz, I like my blog, why doesn’t everyone? :-)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      There are only a couple of blogs that I check on a regular basis. But quite often I do go on the reader and click on the topic of gardening and then just “like” and “follow” whatever looks interesting; this usually only takes 5 minutes. That gets people to go back and check out my blog and I think I’ve gained a lot of followers that way. You might try it, because you are correct, your blog is great! People just have to find it!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! I’ve already tackled politics and posted a pic of a deer butthole so yeah this may lead to drinking. Oh, and my site stats have actually decreased! Hahahahhaha


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