Garden Trading

A lot of my friends and neighbors have gardens. I visited one of my neighbors a few days ago. I brought her three large patisson golden marbre scallop squash. I was happy to give away the beautiful scallop squash because, frankly, they were too beautiful for me to bear to cut into and eat (even though they are delicious) hahah ha

Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop Squash

Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop Squash

I also brought her a bunch of lemon cucumbers and a small bundle of garlic. I didn’t give these things expecting anything in return, but she was excited to share with me and I came home with:

Some HUGE zucchini and three yellow crookneck summer squash

Some HUGE zucchini and three yellow crookneck summer squash

Big zucchini!

Big zucchini!

Two freshly-layed eggs!

Two freshly-layed eggs!

Plus two jars of pearl onions with juniper berries. The baby absolutely loved checking out her chickens and playing with her Jack Russell terriers. The Spy got to go for a fun ride:

DSC_3752 (500x415)

And I got to lust after her big, beefy sunflower plants:

12+ feet tall! (My friend's sunflowers)

12+ feet tall! (My friend’s sunflowers)

The "back" of the sunflowers

The “back” of the sunflowers

Garden trading: Reason #7395 why I love gardening!

4 thoughts on “Garden Trading

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    1. Spy Garden Post author

      ;) Thanks for commenting. This past weekend I brought a big box of lemon cucumbers to church to share (put them right next to the doughnuts hahaha) and it was so fun to explain to people that, yes, they are just cucumbers! The gardeners at my church always bring in lots of tomatoes and peppers and other garden “extras” to share and I really felt like I’d “made it” hahaha finally having a surplus of produce to share. Very fun!


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