Making jelly! This was my inspiration:

Photo Credit: Maria from Sweet Domesticity’s Basil Jelly

When I saw Sweet Domesticity’s post about Basil Jelly I knew I had to try it with my lime basil. The pale green jelly looked so unique. I have never made jelly before or really ever canned anything in an official manner. I have put things in jars to use within a few weeks but have never made anything officially canned. Honestly, when I first heard the word “canning” (maybe a few years ago) I was a bit confused. Canning? But those aren’t cans, they’re JARS. Why isn’t it called jarring? hahaha Well today I officially jarred canned! something.

Basil Jelly

Basil Jelly

It didn’t turn out the beautiful pale green of Maria’s so I’m calling it Lime Basil Amber Jelly. I feel like if it’s just called Lime Basil Jelly the golden color seems really incongruous hahah. I followed her recipe’s proportions but used bottled key lime juice and a splash of white vinegar in lieu of bottled lemon juice and lime basil instead of sweet basil. The reason it is not green is a reflection of the critical moment of extracting the flavor from the basil. Maria suggested pouring boiling water over the leaves to let them steep (instead of boiling them directly), thus preserving their color. I did this, but it still turned brown er, a beautiful amber. I’m guessing it is a few degrees of difference from green to amber and maybe the water needs to be 210 degrees vs. 212 degrees. Oh well, it is my first time after all. The good news is, the jelly did set up!



5 thoughts on “Jarring

  1. Maria @ Sweet Domesticity

    I think you jelly turned out beautifully! It has a beautiful citrusy yellow-green color! Perhaps some of the color difference might be due to the different variety of basil? (I grew lemon basil last year and the leaves were a lighter shade of green than the dark green sweet basil; if I remember correctly, I think lime basil is the same?) Either way, it looks beautiful! Way to go on your first batch of jelly!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! Yes it is tastey–very unique flavor. I have made pickles before just never in an official way that I would trust them to keep for longer than a month or so in the fridge. I’m going to try and use a Claussen copycat recipe because those are our favs.

  2. Sam

    Exciting!! I saw the post too and was considering trying it myself! I’m glad you did and I bet the lime basil jelly will pair well with so many things.


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