This is Spy Garden’s 100th 101st Post!

Spy Garden (the website, not the garden) debuted at the beginning of February 2013. I’ve always considered it a glog, not a blog. A glog being: garden + blog. Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for that term, since I stole it from (a site that is sort of a facebook for gardens).

I define glogging as heavy on the pictures and light on the writing. If there is writing it is usually short, straightforward and about gardening.  Gloggers keep the flowers in the garden and out of their prose. Hahaha. Non-garden glog topics are usually: seasonal recipes, art, wildlife and outdoor-fun. That’s glogging to me anyway.
I don’t do facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, instagram or any of those other things. Glogging is my first foray into the vast world of social media. It has been fun and interesting to connect with people internationally in, what I call, blog-world.

When I started this glog I said to myself, “Self, you are not going to call attention to the obvious fact that this is a blog, you are just going to continue posting photos and art and things without doing the cliched, ‘This is my blogoversary post’ or ‘This is my 100th post’.” But here I am, so sue me.

Some of my favorite posts so far: Old Dirt, New Dirt, Art, and Gardening as Art, Spy Sketchbook, Krabby Patties with Quinoa and Amaranth and Garden in a Jar-O

Some of Spy Garden’s favorites in blog-world:

Favorite Blogs

Draped in Cloudlets She is sooo stylish. While I’m wearing dirt-covered leggings and barefoot with chipped toenail polish she’s wearing amazing hand-sewn clothes with luxurious fabrics and designer shoes. Another reason I like her: we are the same age (30)!

23Thorns VERY hilarious and reminds me of Carl Hiassen and Dave Barry (I’m from South Florida and those are two of my all-time favorite writers). Another reason I like 23thorns is they have a 7(ish?) year old boy and 2(ish?) year old daughter, as do we! His wife tracieloveshistory also has a great blog.

And Then There Were Three Blog-world meets real life. I found my best summer camp childhood friend in blog-world! She blogs about her adorable daughter and suburban life in the Atlanta area. Her photos are great and she appreciates the simple pleasures in life, much like Spy Garden.

Favorite Glogs: These are all great for mostly the same reasons: nice photographs, inventive recipes and (of course) all about gardening: Sweet Domesticity, Vermont Farm Heart, Life In Our Little LA Garden, The Hungry Gap, Mom in the Garden, Country Kid Farmers

I’ve seen lots of great gardening blogs, and many are probably just as much of my “favorites” as the ones listed: these are just a few I thought of off the top of my head. So, this is me calling attention to the gloggedness of my glog in honor of my 100th 101st post NOT a new word-y format for Spy Garden posts. Now back to the glogging!

15 thoughts on “Glogging

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  6. Mominthegarden

    Wow! 101 posts! That is fantastic! Congratulations :-) I have found quite a few wonderful blogs (I call it “blogland) and I love visiting them and seeing how their (and your!) gardens are growing in the different countries of the world. What a lovely way to learn, too. I’m so glad you found my blog, and I yours. Delighted you enjoy “glogging”! All the best, Dana

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! “Blogland” has a nice ring to it. It is a great way to learn. I’ve found that gardening is one of the few things you can’t always just “google” the answer to questions and you learn much more when you are connected in this way.

  7. Draped in Cloudlets

    Thank you so much, that’s very flattering (-: And congratulation on your 101 blog post – I really enjoy reading about your garden adventures and seeing all those beautiful images!

  8. Sam

    Congrats! I am glad to know the term glog and will wear that badge proudly. And I love that your anniversary glog is full of links to click- I’m enjoying reading your favorites, finding new blogs and am humbled to be in great company.


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