Flowers: It’s What’s for Dinner

Kale Flowers

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale Flowers

The kale has sent off many shoots of tiny clusters of flower buds. The buds look a lot like broccoli (or broccoli rabe). If you didn’t know, broccoli florets are actually unopened flower buds and if they continued to grow, each tiny nub would open into a flower.



The kids love eating these kale buds. They are tender with a mild kale/broccoli flavor. The Spy said “they taste like raw broccoli”. I’m sure they would be delicious sautéed with some garlic or really in any other way you would prepare broccoli but we’ve just been eating them raw. I didn’t really serve them for dinner (hahhaa).



This picture below isn’t the greatest but it really shows the contrast between the yellow/lime green of the flowers and the deep purple of the stems:

DSC_7914 (317x500)

Love this contrast of colors!

Other edible flowers to come this year include squash blossoms and nasturtiums. The tulips are NOT for dinner! Beautiful, but definitely not edible:

Giant Tulips

This picture kind of looks like he is looking into a GIANT tulip! The blue flamingo sculpture is dipping its beak into one also!

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