Flowers: It’s What’s for Dinner

Kale Flowers

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale Flowers

The kale has sent off many shoots of tiny clusters of flower buds. The buds look a lot like broccoli (or broccoli rabe). If you didn’t know, broccoli florets are actually unopened flower buds and if they continued to grow, each tiny nub would open into a flower.



The kids love eating these kale buds. They are tender with a mild kale/broccoli flavor. The Spy said “they taste like raw broccoli”. I’m sure they would be delicious sautΓ©ed with some garlic or really in any other way you would prepare broccoli but we’ve just been eating them raw. I didn’t really serve them for dinner (hahhaa).



This picture below isn’t the greatest but it really shows the contrast between the yellow/lime green of the flowers and the deep purple of the stems:

DSC_7914 (317x500)

Love this contrast of colors!

Other edible flowers to come this year include squash blossoms and nasturtiums. The tulips are NOT for dinner! Beautiful, but definitely not edible:

Giant Tulips

This picture kind of looks like he is looking into a GIANT tulip! The blue flamingo sculpture is dipping its beak into one also!

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