The Children’s Book of Tulips

DSC_6766 (335x500)

Tulips do not grow from seeds. They grow from bulbs.

DSC_6775 (500x370)

Not these kinds of bulbs. These are light bulbs.

INSERT: Photo of a tulip bulb. I’m going to dig one up

to photograph after one finishes blooming.

This is a tulip bulb (see above note).

DSC_3706 (500x335)

Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall.

DSC_5550 (500x335)

In the spring, the tips of the tulips poke out of the ground.

DSC_5596 (500x197)

Sometimes they poke out of the snow.

DSC_6746 (335x500)

The tulips are almost blooming!

DSC_7120 (261x500) (2)

Tulips come in many colors.

Alison (478x575)

A bouquet of tulips brightens a city apartment!

Tulips are my favorite flower!

Tulips are beautiful flowers!

 This is a rough draft of a little book I plant to make with MyPublisher or Shutterfly. I may change/add more content as the tulips continue to bloom!



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