I Spy A Black Rat Snake

I saw a little black snake in the yard today (did not get a photo). I think it is the baby (probably one of many) of this snake I photographed last spring:

P1030614 (525x700)

This tree is about fifteen feet from our front door! Even though it looks gruesome, it is a non-poisonous snake that is harmless to humans. There were two of these snakes and I’m pretty sure this zigzagging deal was part of their mating ritual:

P1030616 (525x700)

So amazing(ly creepy)! This picture is probably the creepiest:

P1030619 (525x700)

We spent the remainder of the summer with one eye on that hole waiting to see dozens of babies wriggling out: AHhhhh!! Alas, we never saw them. Until now!

Here are some unrelated (and much more pleasant) pictures from today:

Teeny purple flowers in the lawn

Teeny purple flowers in the lawn

One purple asparagus shoot

One purple asparagus shoot!

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale

I planted this kale last fall. I planted it diagonally across the raised mound. I really like the look this creates.

Tulips almost blooming!

Tulips almost blooming!

8 thoughts on “I Spy A Black Rat Snake

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  3. womanunadorned

    That snake is amazing! I’ve never seen one do that zigzag thing – great photo. I’m glad to hear it is harmless to humans, but between spiders and snakes I’m not sure how well I would cope in your garden. (The worst thing I have to face is probably the occasional earwig!)

  4. Alison

    LOVE the purple asparagus- so beautiful, and can’t wait to see the tulips- Bart brought me some home that are yellow and white- so pretty and a perfect way to brighten up my city apartment!

  5. thelandroverownerswife

    I envy you the space to grow asparagus – we love it but it is so very expensive and the season over here (UK) is very short. As for the snakes – after careful consideration I REALLY don’t envy you those :D


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