A Scot, A Frenchman and A Sicilian…

DSC_6365 (375x246)

Jaune Paille des Vertus and Ailsa Craig

Planted about 30 of these two varieties in the cauliflower row. The Ailsa Craig is Scottish, the Jaune Pailles are French and the cauliflower is Sicilian so hopefully they will be diplomatic with one another (haha). Here are the tiny onion seedlings (with seeds still attached!):

DSC_6371 (306x375)

The Ailsa Craig can grow up to 5 lbs!

DSC_6373 (375x266)

The Jaune Pailles are smaller.

DSC_6377 (375x242)

Indoors, the tomato seeds prepare for germination!


From left: Sara Black, Delicious, German Lunchbox, Orange Icicle and Yellow Morning Sun

We grew the Delicious last year: they are a classic, pretty, red, symmetrical (and yes, delicious) tomato. The other four varieties are new to Spy Garden!

5 thoughts on “A Scot, A Frenchman and A Sicilian…

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  2. Suburban Farm Chick

    I’ve never grown onions. I’ve always been intimidated. I’m excited to see how yours do. Tomatoes are my favorite part of the garden and it looks like you’ve made some yummy choices. Good luck with your germination!


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