Garden Expansion (Melon Patch and Bean Teepee) Completed!

Garden Expansion!

Garden Expansion!

The circle in the middle will be the garden teepee. Comme ҫa:

Envisioning the teepee

Envisioning the teepee

Not sure exactly how the teepee will be constructed yet. I’m thinking 5 or 6 main poles and then just string garden twine back and forth between the poles for the beans to climb on. Still undecided of what type of beans will grow on the teepee. Probably: Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Bean or Gold Marie Vining.


The large circular patch in the foreground will be for Delice de la Table and Tigger melons and the back smaller patch will be for another one or two melon plants. I had intended for this new garden patch to be just a circle shape surrounding the teepee but the heart-like shape just sort of emerged.

I heart gardening

I heart gardening

The “top” of the heart shape is on the north side so I figured it would be a bit shaded by the teepee which is partly why I dug it only a few feet wide (since the melons need lots of sun!)


Plus my tiny garden helper wanted a more girly fort since her brother already has two manly forts!

Garden Helper!

Garden Helper!

Even though the shape is complete, the dirt is still in big clods turned over with the shovel. It will be a lot of work to break it all down so I’m leaning toward buying dirt (loam/compost mix) and piling it on top. Our dirt is pretty clay. Adding some loam/compost to a new garden area (going from grass to garden) in the first year it is a good idea.

Eating dirt, mmm!

Eating dirt, mmm!

God made dirt, dirt can't hurt!

God made dirt, dirt can’t hurt!


2 thoughts on “Garden Expansion (Melon Patch and Bean Teepee) Completed!

  1. thehomevegetablegardener

    I Pressed your bean teepee post on my site as well as my Facebook and Twitter. I hope you get some great new followers soon. Your children are adorable and I agree that Dirt is Good! :) Have a great day and good luck with your blog.

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