Garden Update and A Sonnet

Green things in the garden right now:

Cilantro: Really surprised Cilantro is so hardy. I thought it was tender like basil but apparently it can live right through winter! The thyme is lemon-y and very fragrant. Catnip, yellow strawberry plants, blue hyssop, spearmint are all green as well. It is cold and still feels like winter but it is not all gray:

Spy Garden Backyard Firepit

Spy Garden Backyard Firepit

Road to Spy Garden!

Road to Spy Garden!

Spy Garden Sunset

Spy Garden Sunset




And the sonnet:

Linoleum Lament

Linoleum, your washed out hues offend

The eye and my interior design.

Your cheap plastic sheen, bound never to blend

With my walls of buttery soft white wine

Is marred by craters that cling to gray dust

And nicks like everlasting chocolate smears.

I cover your square pattern in disgust

With handsome wool rugs that muffle your jeers.

From imperfect edge peeks unfinished wood

That tempts me to pry that tough, tacky tile

And realize my dream of floors that look good-

No longer suffer from wretched vinyl…

I look away and stop my lamenting

Its temporary, I’m only renting.

2 thoughts on “Garden Update and A Sonnet

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