These were all found in and around the yard last summer/fall!

P1070070 (375x281)

P1070040 (338x375)

DSC_3500 (375x307)




If Tim Burton designed mushrooms...

If Tim Burton designed mushrooms…

P1060969 (375x281)P1060907 (254x375)

P1060901 (374x375)P1070026 (375x301)


That white thing is a mushroom!

Mushroom looks like an alien head! (2009)

Mushroom looks like an alien head! (2009)

Mushroom looks like an alien head! (2009)

Mushroom looks like an alien head! (2009)

These were only used for photography subjects! Morels and other edible mushrooms do grow in the area but I would be afraid to eat wild mushrooms.So, for now, sticking with store-bought for eating! Here are two salads made with store-bought white button mushrooms:

Mushroom Salad 1

Mushroom Salad 1

Mushroom Salad 1:

Over medium heat in a small pan, add a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of olive oil. Add sliced mushrooms. Brown on both sides about 4 minutes a side. Then add a little salt, pepper and red chili flake. Add the salt AFTER you brown them they brown much better that way.

Put the mushrooms on the plate. Then in the same (nonstick!) pan add a slice of mozerella cheese and a shake of parmesean cheese. The cheese will quickly brown and melt into a toasted little cheese patty. Add a little thyme and red chili flake to the bubbling cheese. Slip the cheese and brown the other side then remove from heat and slice it up: It’s like adding bacon bits (the toasted cheese actually looks kind of like bacon!) and is toasted and chewy, a little crunchy YUM.

Slice up the toasted cheese bits and put on top of a pile of spinach. Then add some more fresh thyme and some sliced almonds.

Very hearty and spicy good fall/winter salad. No acid (i.e. vinegar) was added to this and it wasn’t missed.

Mushroom Salad 2

Mushroom Salad 2

Mushroom Salad 2:

Almost the same ingredients the first salad but an entirely different taste.

The sliced mushrooms: put them in a small bowl then pour on about a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and a just shy of a teaspoon of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Mix them all up and let them “marinate” while you…

Put a pile of spinach on the plate. Thin slice some green pepper and onion. And olives (black, green and kalamata slice them up. Put the marinated onions on top of the spinach pile and then give a shake of some Parmesean cheese.

This is not pictured but I also had some leftover sweet Italian sausage from last night’s dinner and I sprinkled a little of that on the top also.

Very fresh and crunchy (the onions and peppers) and the balsamic vinegar is peppy enough you don’t really need any additional spice/heat.

Why did the mushroom get invited to the party?

Because he was a fungi!

4 thoughts on “Mushrooms!

  1. narf77

    Gorgeous mushies! I read somewhere that all species of puffballs are edible. I think it was Mr Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (my hero) that mentioned it when he was collecting huge specimens and slicing them up and eating them fried in butter. That Tim Burton slimescent mushroom is the twin of one that I have on my screen slideshow. Most likely a species of ink cap and if so, they are edible as well (not at this stage though ;) ). Thank you for the lovely share Ms Spy. Mushrooms are my passion and in the plant world, they are one of the most important species because without fungi, we would be up to our armpits in debris :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      :) Yes, I would eat the puffballs since they are so obviously identifiable. Just haven’t seen any in awhile! Glad you liked the mushroom pics!

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